D Strong – The Good For Nothing (2011) 320kbps

01. My Sound (prod. by Bill Cash)
02. Beautiful War (prod. by Drumz)
03. Advisory (prod. by Andy Mac)
04. Power With Perception (prod. by DJ Lord Ron)
05. STFU (prod. by Megalawge)
06. The Basics feat. Aarophat (prod. by Andy Mac)
07. Blood On Snow feat. Mr. Bakaa, Wildelux & Eneeone (prod. by Megalawge)
08. Walk (prod. by Andy Mac)
09. Extortion feat. Constant Flow (prod. by Bill Cash)
10. American Dream feat. Wildelux (prod. by Sentence)
11. Darkness feat. Wildelux (prod. by Djimon)
12. Hard To Make (prod. by DJ Lord Ron)
13. Remembered (prod. by Andy Mac)
14. Eye Of A Needle (prod. by DJ Elite)
15. Venomous (prod. by Jay Large)
16. I Got You feat. Mecca & Wildelux (prod. by Domingo)
17. 4×4 feat. Miles O’Keefe (prod. by Scarecrow)
18. Undisputed feat. Eneeone (prod. by Megalawge)

Эйсик – Солнечное Сплетение (2005) 320kbps

01. Эйсик – Всё Только Начинается [02:59]
02. Эйсик – За 20 Поприщ От Рая [03:44]
03. Эйсик – Баллистика (Ft. Смоки Мо) [03:48]
04. Эйсик – Мёртвый Сезон [03:15]
05. Эйсик – Ша (Ft. Тигра, Змей) [03:47]
06. Эйсик – Диагноз (Ft. Дино) [03:58]
07. Эйсик – Секреты Ненависти (Ft. Грязный) [03:38]
08. Эйсик – Материнские Слёзы (Ft. Сайк, Тэйк) [05:01]
09. Эйсик – Раскалённые Небеса (Ft. Фьюз, Смоки Мо, Нигатив) [04:28]
10. Эйсик – 158-Я [04:53]
11. Эйсик – Эй С.И.К. [04:07]
12. Эйсик – На Вымерзшей Земле… [00:42]
13. Эйсик – Бессмертный [02:54]
14. Эйсик – Хагакурэ (Ft. Нигатив) [04:40]
15. Эйсик Ft. Фьюз – Пацаны Рано Стареют (Ft. Фьюз) [03:32]
16. Эйсик – Пора Мне Уходить [03:54]
17. Эйсик – Солнечное Сплетение (Стороны Ра) [00:32]

The AbSouljah – The Light Side (2011) 192kbps

01. War Of The mind (Beat by Ugly Toni)
02. Ignorant Spoken (Beat by Mistah Maff)
03. Top Of The Morning (by AB)
04. Hopes Of Me (by Mistah Maff)
05. Lives Winters ft Spicco (by Ugly Tony)
06. Guetto Love Us Til We Leave (by Think)
07. The Big Ab On The Scene (by Raw B)
08. How We Party (by JNS Beats)
09. My Description (by AB)
10. Better Than Before (by AB)
11. Respect That (by JNS Beats)
12. Talk To Me ft Streets Goon (by Manu Beats)
13. So Yall Know (by AB)
14. Be Patient (by Kaine Undamusic)
15. What You Scared For (by Alterbeats)
16. The Dark Hour Freestyle (by MakOne)
17. Gone In Sixty (by MakOne)

The AbSoulJah’s free LP available for download . All tracks recorded circa 2009-2011, it also serves as a prequel to the much anticipated LP “The Dark Hour” which is due to drop in the fall, no tentative date yet. Distribution will more then likely be through bandcamp or ughh etc Vinyl, CD’s & digital D/L’s.


The Absouljah – Preparing the Meal (2009) 320kbps

01. I’m Here
02. At Last (Feat. Joe Bogard)
03. Talk About
04. Waiting For My Future
05. Can’t Classify
06. Born and Razed (Feat. Sciryl)
07. I’m Nasty
08. Cold Reality
09. Father and Sun
10. Pen Flow
11. Rebel G
12. Too Many Chiefs
13. Unda Music
14. Dark Coffee (Feat. Sciryl)
15. Still Need You (Feat. Bekky)
16. Madd Anger (Feat. Angry Man)
17. Struggle & Hope (Feat. Think)
18. Where the Time Goes
19. Uncover the Reason

Chemo – Squirrelz With Gunz Redux (WEB) (2011) 320kbp

01. Sin City feat. Kyza & D.Ablo
02. Karma feat. Karizma
03. New Day feat. Toplinerz
04. 5’7 pt. 2 feat. Tony D & Therapist
05. Heard About Me feat. Ali Vegas
06. Heresy feat. Triple Darkness & Kyza
07. For Heavens Sake feat. Kashmere
08. Cold feat. M9 & Skriblah
09. The Soul Survives feat. Verb T
10. City Of Satan feat. Manage, CLG, Big P & Nickels
11. Here I Am feat. Poisonous Poets
12. Paranoid Music feat. Mr Drastick, Stylah & Iron Braydz
13. Speakers Corner feat. Manage, Shameless, Lowkey, Doc Brown, Foreign Beggars & Skinnyman
14. Not In My Name feat. Chain Of Command
15. Fight Klub feat. Kyza
16. Give It Up feat. Mr Drastick
17. Rise Up feat. Manage (Bonus Track)
18. Mental Prisoners feat. Phoenix Da Icefire & M9 (Bonus Track)
19. What’s Your Poison? Feat. Stylah (Bonus Track)

“Squirrelz With Gunz” is a compilation of British Hip-Hop producer Chemo’s finest early work; featuring a wealth of vocal talent from the likes of: Kyza, Triple Darkness, Skriblah, Stylah, Kashmere, Verb T, Poisonous Poets, Manage, Skinnyman, Orifice Vulgatron, M9 and many more.
Originally released in 2006, “Squirrelz With Gunz” was mixed by DMC world champion DJ Skully, this Redux version is unmixed and has been digitally remastered. It also features 3 bonus tracks not available the first time round.

Fortunato – The Grocer [2008] 192kbps


01 The Intro (Prod by Gamshooter)
02 Get Up (Prod by Derek4Real)
03 Coming Back (Prod by Gamshooter)
04 A Different Day (Prod By Derek4Real)
05 I Need A Raise (Prod by Gamshooter)
06 Interlude (Prod by Gamshooter)
07 15 Min Break Feat. Kdot, Castor Grozny, Gully Da Kid, Gee Wunder, Reckless, Noah23, Raw Blow, Kawzee and Liftd (Prod by Gamshooter)
08 Daily Grind (Prod by Gamshooter)
09 So Tired (Prod by Freddie 5 Piece)
10 Working Man (Prod by Westnyle)
11 Early Retirement (Prod by Gamshooter)
12 Over Time (Prod by Gamshooter)
13 Outro (Prod by Gamshooter)

Various Artists – Russell Simmons Presents The Show: The Soundtrack [1995] [Soundtrack] Flac + 320kbps

1. Hip Hop Is… (speech) – Kid Creole, Kid Capri, Ecstasy
2. Live!!! – Onyx
3. Move On… (speech) – Slick Rick
4. My Block – 2 Pac
5. What’s Up Star? – Suga
6. Headbanger Boogie (speech) – Method Man
7. How High – Redman/Method Man
8. It’s Entertainment… (speech) – Dr. Dre
9. Everyday Thang – Bone Thugs N Harmony
10. Everyday It Rains – Mary J. Blige
11. It’s All I Had (speech) – The Notorious B.I.G.
12. Ol’ Skool – Isaac 2 Isaac
13. Domino’s In The House – Domino
14. Summertime In The LBC – The Dove Shack
15. The West Coast… (speech) – Treach
16. Sowhatusayin – South Central Cartel Productions
17. Zoom Zooms And Wam Wam – Jayo Felony
18. Droppin Bombz – Tray D/So. Sentrelle
19. Save Yourself (speech) – Snoop Doggy Dogg
20. Still Can’t Fade It – Warren G Productions
21. Papa Luv It – L.L. Cool J
22. Glamour And Glitz – A Tribe Called Quest
23. Nuttin’ But A Drumbeat… (speech) – Russell Simmons
24. Kill Dem All – Kali Ranks
25. Me And My Bitch – The Notorious B.I.G.
26. It’s What I Feel Inside… (speech) – Kid Creole, Ecstasy
27. The Show Theme – Stanley Clarke featuring Slick Rick

(Note: The tracks marked with “(speech)” aren’t songs at all but really short interview recordings.)

The much-anticipated soundtrack to Russell Simmons’ THE SHOW unites artists from all over the hip-hop nation to contribute music and thoughts on their first love: hip-hop. The film is the first feature documentary devoted to the life and truths … Full Description of the hip-hop culture, and its soundtrack attempts to define what the music is all about. With a dose of rap, R&B and reggae, THE SHOW is musically diverse, and the idea that hip-hop is interwoven in the everyday life of its followers is inherent to nearly every song.

THE SHOW marks the return of some rap MIAs. Onyx foreshadow their coming in the nine-five with “Live!!!.” Suga, formerly known as Sweet Tee, donates “What’s Up Star?,” a party groove sure to be the new anthem for female macks. The only other female artist featured on the collection is the Queen of hip-hop soul, Mary J. Blige. On “Everyday It Rains,” Blige sports her usual street-influenced vocals over a loop of the Isley Brothers’ “It’s Your Thing.”

THE SHOW is at its best on the Erick Sermon-produced “How High,” which combines the Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man with Redman. Appearances from LL Cool J and Slick Rick fill the old school requirement, while tracks like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Everyday Thang” and South Central Cartel’s “Sowhatusayin” add the gangstas to the mix. Surprisingly, there’s only one live track, and it comes from Brooklyn’s finest, The Notorious B.I.G., who rocks the crowd with “Me And My Bitch.” The song is off his platinum debut, and, although it is only a brief moment of a 27-track compilation, Biggie still manages to nearly steal THE SHOW.

Producers: Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Sonee Seeza (track 2); Easy Mo Bee (track 4); Ron Lawrence, Derrick Angeliti (track 5); Erick Sermon (track 7); DJ U-Neek (track 9); Sean “Puffy” Combs, Nasheim Myrick (track 10); Isaac 2 Isaac, Joey “Run” Simmons, Desmond “Divine” Houston (track 12); Domino (track 13); L. “Sleepy” Turner, H. “Hank” Thomas (track 14); Prodeje (track 16); Jam Master Jay, Anthony “T-Funk” Pearyer (track 17); Dave Swang (track 18); Warren G. (track 20); L.L. Cool J, Tyrone Fyffe (track 21); John Davis (track 22); Andrew Massop, Marc Pomeroy (track 24).

Engineers: Don Elliot (track 2); Eric Lynch (track 4); T-Bird (track 5); Dave Greenberg (track 7); Tony Maserati, Rob Paustian (track 10); Andre Booth, Paul Augerinos (track 12); Bob Tucker (track 13); Al Singleton (track 14); Sean Freehill (track 16); Anthony Cox (track 17); Dave Arron (track 18); Greg Geitzenauer (track 20); Jabari Palmer (track 21); George Karras (track 22); Marc Pomeroy (track 24); John Harris (track 25).

Vibe (9/95, p.172) – “…adds up to an accurate depiction of what hip hop–and its nastier alter ego, the rap industry–is about these days: prepackaged musical formulas, creatively dead subgenres, refreshing comebacks,…stray words of wisdom, and the occasional gemstone moments that…sustain the dedication of both casual and die-hard fans…”
The Source (9/95, p.98) – 3.5 Mics – Dope – “…THE SHOW gets off to a furious start….it might actually spark another classic or two in Def Jam’s long line of priceless tunes…”
NME (Magazine) (9/16/95, p.48) – 8 (out of 10) – “…what is hip-hop in the ’90s?….there used to be mad shouting, now there’s mad murmuring and a bubble bath ’70s keyboard sample….there’s Warren G doing his extra cool hustler bit, some LA gangstas defending their corner, A Tribe Called Quest making like wise oldsters….as good an answer to the big question as you’ll get on one record…”



67 Mob – T.I.M.E. [2011] 192kbps

01. 1Time
02. Bleed Cold Ice
03. Not 2 Touch The Earth
04. Crunchtime (feat. Cutty Ranks)
05. Time Will Tell (feat. Sonyae Elise)
06. Karma Will Come Back
07. Get Lifted (feat. Sean Price)
08. Let It Rock
09. Get Down N Grind (feat. Bronze Nazareth)
10. You Gotta Stay Hungry (feat. KRS-One)
11. Jonesin
12. Natural
13. T.I.M.E.
14. Aint Saying Nothing (feat. Joel Ortiz)
15. Harder They Fall
16. Keep It True
17. Daydreamin’
18. Nostalgic (feat. Sonyae Elise)
19. Road 2 Success

Neek The Exotic – Exotic’s Raw (2003) [320 kbps]

01 Intro
02 N.E.E.K.
03 Prepared To Get Stomped
04 Make That Money Featuring – Royal Flush
05 Don’t Stop
06 Exotic‘s Raw Featuring – Large Professor
07 Backs “N” Necks
08 Cake Up Featuring – Da Blak Boyz
09 Letter To Ma Featuring – Jasmine Lowther
10 Hardcore Featuring – Large Professor
11 Straight Out To Get It Featuring – Da Blak Boyz
12 Queens Anthem
13 The Mothafuckin Man Featuring – Joe Flav
14 This Here’s gangsta Featuring – Royal Flush, Universal


Сэт – Арена (2003) 320kbps

01. Вот такая жизнь в Китае (интро)
02. Поехали ft. MaryJane, Эйсик, Скато produced by Сэт
03. Маски ft. Ю.Г. produced by Кит
04. Тоска ft. Krec produced by Марат
05. Сказку сделать былью ft. Триада produced by Сэт
06. Разруби меня на две части ft. MaryJane produced by OG
07. Я закрываю глаза ft. Krec produced by Марат
08. Гладиаторы ft. Злой Дух produced by Злой
09. Пока снег не растаял ft. Krec produced by Марат
10. Монолог (интерлюдия)
11. Лекарь ft. Влади, Эйсик produced by Сэт
12. Жизнь produced by Сэт
13. Пришествие (скит) produced by Эйсик
14. Юго-Восточная Европа ft. Змей, Влади, MaryJane produced by Влади и OG
15. Поровну ft. Krec produced by Марат
16. Волки ft. MaryJane produced by OG
17. Не будите спящих ft. Vanich produced by Сэт
18. Травля produced by Сэт
19. Меня меняет produced by Сэт
20. Волей грома ft. Триада produced by Сэт
21. Благодарность ft. Krec, Эйсик produced by Марат
22. Погонщику трудно без плана (аутро)


Society Of Shadows – The Age Of Apocalypse (2011) V0

01. Dogs Of War (Intro)
02. My Point Of View
03. As A Nation
04. Blind Minded feat. Lt. Mana
05. Sinister Ministers
06. Kings feat. True Gritt & Matt Maddox
07. New World Order
08. Euphoric State feat. Durdy D
09. Children Of The Night
10. Strong Arm Robbery feat. Copywrite
11. Verses Of Vulgarity
12. Travel Light feat. Pryme Prolifik
13. Chronicles
14. What Matters Most feat. Ms. Iwa
15. Age Of The Apocalypse
16. Gods Of Raw (Outro)