Sean Price & M-Phazes – Land Of The Crooks EP (2013) 320kbps

01. Bag Of Shit feat. Loudmouf Choir
02. Dump In The Gut
03. Land Of The Crooks feat. Billy Danze, Maffew Ragazino & DJ Babu
04. Murdah Type Thinkin feat. Roc Marciano
05. Murdah Type Thinkin feat. Guilty Simpson (Small Professor Remix)
06. Bag Of Shit (Instrumental)
07. Dump In The Gut (Instrumental)
08. Land Of The Crooks (Instrumental)
09. Murdah Type Thinkin (Instrumental)
10. Murdah Type Thinkin (Small Professor Remix Instrumental)
11. Crookapella (Beat Kit/Scratch Stems)

The Immortals Project (El Da Sensei & Duplicuts) – Rogue Agents (2013) V0

01. Let’s Get It feat. Sadat X
02. On The Rise
03. Affirmative Action
04. Major Play feat. Sadat X
05. Codename Flawless feat. Kool Keith
06. Spies feat. Sadat X
07. Pass It Off feat. John Robinson & Internal Quest
08. You Can’t Rhyme feat. Sadat X
09. Rogue Agents
10. Major Play feat. El Da Sensei & Sadat X (Remix)
11. Lyrically Righteous (DJ Wayne Ski Remix)
12. Break Boys feat. Craig G (RitchCraft Remix)

N.B.S. – The Smokefest (2013) V0

01. The Smokefest (feat Mickey Blakheart) [04:19]
02. Til The World End (feat Reks) [03:38]
03. Green Flag Gang (feat Slaine) [04:48]
04. Perm Time [03:22]
05. Booty Go (feat Sharla Fabulous) [05:25]
06. Fair 2 Say [03:03]
07. That’s Me (feat Emilio Tirado) [04:19]
08. Last Lyricist Alive (feat Ali Vegas) [04:15]
09. Marley Tribute [06:19]
10. Smiley (feat Smiley & Sicknature) [03:31]
11. With The Pen (feat Torae) [03:46]
12. So High (feat Tum Tum & Michaela) [04:40]
13. Vices (feat Bishop Lamont) [04:48]
14. Walter Payton [03:50]
15. Outro [04:21]

NeckBreakerz – Ritmo De Los Asesinos (2012) V0

01. Muerte featuring Mayhem (of EMS) (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
02. NeckBreakerz Anthem featuring DJ BlowMagic (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
03. Viaje Sin Regreso featuring MC One (Producer: JBL The Titan)
04. De Menos A Mas featuring Godilla; Da Rebel Cause (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
05. Este Es Mi Muno featuring Main Flow (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
06. Perfil De Un Asesino (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
07. Fire Burning (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
08. Vive En Mi featuring Gavlyn (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
09. Orgullo Latino featuring Full Nelson; DJ BlowMagic (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
10. Gracias (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
11. Me Estoy Portando Mal (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
12. Sin Miedo featuring Virtuoso; N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters) (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
13. Sonido De Calle featuring Dbwoy (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
14. Si No Existiera El Hip Hop featuring MC One (Producer: Domingo)
15. Un Dia Mas (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
16. Ritmo De Los Asesinos featuring Virtuoso (Producer: Snowgoons)
17. Falsos Predicadores featuring Luisito La Diaspora (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
18. Mi Escenario featuring Reyes En La 39 (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
19. En Otros Zapatos featuring Amadeus The Stampede; Mark Deez; DJ Tray (Producers: Jbeat; A June)
20. Una Sola Linea (Bonus) featuring Ataque En Conra; DJ BlowMagic (Producers: Jbeat; A June)

Cannibal Ox – Gotham Deluxe LP Edition (2013) V0

01. Gotham (Ox City)
02. Gases In Hell (Inhale)
03. Psalm 82
04. Live From The Planet Of Eat
05. Blood Sport feat. Karniege
06. Can Ox Freestyle 1 feat. DJ Bobbito Garcia
07. Swing Blades feat. Jean Grae
08. Can Ox Freestyle 2 feat. DJ Bobbito Garcia
09. Street Reppin’ feat. C-Rayz Walz
10. Think Differently feat. Casual Tragedy Khadafi & Roc Marciano
11. Slow Blues feat. Byata, Timbo King & Prodigal Sunn
12. That Moment Before Crazy feat. C-Rayz Walz
13. Mecca And The Ox
14. Metal Gear
15. Life’s Ill feat. Breeze Brewin

Atma & Son Of Saturn – Jakobz Ladder: The Croatoa Koans (2013) V0

01. Akashik Buildas Intro
02. Light Code
03. Corridors Of The Golden Eternity
04. Mystic Physics
05. Life Is Sacred (Radhanath Swami)
06. Bhagavat Purana Da Hi Shin Dharani
07. Abhiseka
08. Kamikaze Karma
09. A Laughing Heart Interlude
10. Twelve Meridians feat. Lone Ninja
11. Chastisement Of The Wicked
12. Astral Rakshasa Oblivion
13. Heaven & Earth Outro
14. Jakobz Ladder (Bonus Track)
15. Kundalini Rising (Bonus Track)
16. Srila Prabhupada Chanting Mahamantra