Shinobi Stalin – Invisible Man (2014) 320kbps

01. Application (prod. by Reeplay)
02. Here Not There INV (prod. by Abbott)
03. Games Should Never Play (prod. by Abbott)
04. New Tone (prod. by Tone Blare)
05. Change (prod. by Reeplay)
06. Granite feat. Roc Marciano (prod. by Tempermental)
07. Energon (prod. by Reeplay)
08. Welcome To Ozone (prod. by Tempermental)
09. Control (prod. by Tone Blare)
10. His Story (prod. by Abbott)
11. Nigger Rican (prod. by Abbott)
12. Defly Fly feat. J Biz (prod. by Shinobi Stalin)
13. Sing The Blues (prod. by Abbott)
14. Brothers Influence feat. Mike Rosa (prod. by Robot Oxford)
15. N.I.K.E. feat. Kap Kallous & The Vets Of Kin (prod. by Reeplay)
16. Nothing Like It (prod. by Soy Is Real)