Teraban (Dom Pachino & Bugsy Da God) – Camouflage Children (2017) V0

01. Intro Ring The Alarm
02. High Octane (Burning Rubber)
03. Lyrical Doctors
04. War Potion
05. Smell The Roses
06. Radio Interlude
07. Dirty Skud Missilez
08. Expert Killers
09. Interlude (Success)
10. Hip-Hop Don’t Flatline
11. Projects 2 Skyscrapers
12. Talk is Cheap
13. Assault Island
14. Body Bags (Feat. Shakezpeare)
15. Fuck Politics
16. Puta En Ta Favela (Skit)
17. Slangaz
18. Under Investigation
19. Dead Silence
20. The N (Outro)

MC Eiht – Which Way Iz West (2017) 320kbps

01. Shut Em Down feat. Outlawz (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
02. Represent Like This feat. WC & DJ Premier (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
03. Compton Zoo (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
04. Heart Cold feat. The Lady Of Rage (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
05. Pass Me By feat. B-Real (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
06. Runn The Blocc feat. MayLAy (prod. by DJ Premier)
07. Gangsta Gangsta feat. Kurupt (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
08. Got That feat. DJ Premier (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
09. Medicate feat. Xzibit (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
10. Born To Hustle feat. Big Mike & J. Starr (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
11. Sittin’ Around Smokin’ (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
12. As I Proceed (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)
13. Last Ones Left feat. Compton’s Most Wanted (prod. by DJ Premier)
14. 4 Tha OG’z feat. Bumpy Knuckles (prod. by DJ Premier)
15. You Nia’z (prod. by Brenk Sinatra)