Tragedy Khadafi – The Kuwait Tapes (2017) 320kbps

01. Calm Down feat. Nas & Noreaga
02. Judas Theory
03. Half A Mil feat. Capone & Noreaga
04. Strange Fruit feat. Pete Rock, Cappadonna & Sticky Fingaz
05. The Turnaround (Thug Remix) feat. Real Live & Capone
06. L.A. L.A. feat. Mobb Deep, Capone & Noreaga
07. 1st Day Of Spring feat. Mobb Deep
08. Thug Paradise Remix feat. Capone
09. Mumia 911 feat. Black Thought, Pharoahe Monch, Chuck D, Last Emperor & Dead Prez
10. Renaissance 2.0 feat. Black Market Militia & R.A. The Rugged Man
11. Lift Ya Glass feat. Imam Thug
12. Usual Suspects feat. Mic Geronimo, DMX, The Lox & Ja Rule
13. Armageddon feat. Self
14. Enemies Of The State feat. Canibus
15. Bottom Line Dollar Sign feat. Jane Doe, Royal Flush, F.T. & X1
16. Let’s Be Specific feat. Havoc, Cool Whip, Raekwon & Bumpy Knuckles

Deep Puddle Dynamics – The Taste of Rain… Why Kneel (1999) Flac + 320kbps

© 1999 Anticon
AllMusic Review by Stanton Swihart
A ragtag collective of bugged-out, “savant-garde” rappers and trash-can producers known as Anticon — short for anticonformist — was born with the recording of The Taste of Rain…Why Kneel, and with it arose a clandestine revolution of anarchic, D.I.Y. hip-hop. Descending “from the outskirts of obscurity” (as the opening moments of “Deep Puddle Theme Song” explain) and converging — by way of Cincinnati, the suburbs of Chicago, and Portland, ME — in the Minneapolis living room of Atmosphere’s Slug on June 26, 1998 (and in Chicago a year later to the day), the nine-member-strong Deep Puddle Dynamics helped to spark one of the most interesting millennial movements in rap music with this debut album. Compared to some of the efforts that were soon to come from the Anticon stable (as well as from fellow nonconformists at Rhymesayers and Definitive Jux), The Taste of Rain doesn’t flaunt rap conventions too dramatically. But then, “conventional” is always a relative term when applied to such an iconoclastic amalgam of artists. In Anticon’s case, it means KRS-One, hip-hop’s moral and ethical exemplar, is quoted alongside former Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, for instance, so normal does not apply by any traditional connotation. Nevertheless, the album — its sound, if not the complexly schizophrenic, multi-MC viewpoint, like voices debating inside a single mind — usually maintains at least a foot in the traditional hip-hop underground, with its gritty, structured musical underpinning halfway between Wu-Tang creep show and macabre postapocalypse. It all culminates with the dazzling, multipart suite “June 26th, 1999,” which pointed the Anticon juggernaut in the thrilling direction it would continue to probe in subsequent years.

Various Artists – Boom Bap For Neanderthals (2002) Flac + 320kbps

1. Fossils – DJ Kno
Produced by DJ Kno
2. Steppin’ In – Xtracts Of Slang
Produced by Freshchest Prose
Scratches by DJ Tommee
3. How U Doin’? – Pack FM & Tonedeff
Produced by Tonedeff
4. Definition – Definition
Produced by Definition
5. Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – Single Minded Pros (feat. Louis Logic)
Produced by DJ Rude 1
6. Show And Prove – Kenneth Masters
Produced by Omnipotent
7. Hold Up – Napsndreds
Produced by Offical
8. The B Boy Song – J.A.Q.
Produced by Freshchest Prose
9. Sunwheel – Genelec And Memphis Reigns
Produced by Genelec
Scratches by DJ King 1
10. Greener Grass – iCON The Mic King
Produced by Zeeby Zeeb
11. Listen – Yaggfu Front (feat. Esau The Anti Emcee)
Produced by Phatboy
12. Red Night – Rec Center
Produced by DJ Emmaculate
13. Law And Order – Uncle T (feat. Alaska & Digs Darklighter)
Produced by RJD2
14. Get Foolish – The Understudies
Produced by Frequency
15. Karma – Cunninlynguists
Produced by DJ Kno
16. Tippin’ Dominoes – Vast Aire
Produced by Hipsta
17. Club Bamboo – Mac Lethal
Produced by Surgeon General
18. Final Call – Supastition
Produced by Freshchest Prose

Eminem – Revival (2017) Flac + 320kbps

01. Walk On Water (feat. Beyoncé) (5:03)
02. Believe (5:15)
03. Chloraseptic (feat. PHRESHER) (5:01)
04. Untouchable (6:10)
05. River (feat. Ed Sheeran) (3:41)
06. Remind Me (Intro) (0:26)
07. Remind Me (3:45)
08. Revival (Interlude) (0:51)
09. Like Home (feat. Alicia Keys) (4:05)
10. Bad Husband (feat. X Ambassadors) (4:47)
11. Tragic Endings (feat. Skylar Grey) (4:12)
12. Framed (4:13)
13. Nowhere Fast (feat. Kehlani) (4:24)
14. Heat (4:10)
15. Offended (5:20)
16. Need Me (feat. P!nk) (4:25)
17. In Your Head (3:02)
18. Castle (4:14)
19. Arose (4:34)

Downsyde – ClassicILL (2017) 320kbps

01. Intro
02. Only Got Now (Feat. Porsah Laine)
03. Back In The Game (Feat. Sam Nafie)
04. I Gotta Song (Feat. Sam Nafie)
05. Memory Lane (Feat. JSquared & Moondog)
06. The Hunger Inside
07. Fire It Up
08. Borderline
09. Interlude
10. Life Is Music (Feat. Syllabolix, Drapht, MC Layla, Mr. Grevis, Mortar, Bitter Belief & Hunter)
11. Richman (Feat. Moondog)
12. Blue Collar (Feat. Paulie P)
13. I’m Very Glad
14. Playing With Fire
15. Nah Nah (Feat. The Merindas)
16. Outro