Lake & Cormega — My Brothers Keeper [2006] Flac + 320kbps


1. Intro
2. Ghetto (Produced by Ski)
3. The Oath (Produced by Ax Tha Bull)
4. Let That Thing Go (Skit)
5. 30/30 ft. Uniqua Star (Produced by Ben Grim)
6. Don’t Start ft. Greg Nice (Produced by Cormega)
7. You Know Where He’s From (Skit)
8. QU Side ft. Mr. Cheeks (Produced by Cormega, J Waxx Garfield, Arnold)
9. Sleezo (Skit)
10. Snitch N***a (Produced by Buckwild
11. Stress & Greed (Produced by Jay Boy)
12. Get It (Produced by Buckwild)
13. Walk Through Heaven (Produced by Get Large)
14. Hood Legends (Produced by J Waxx Garfield)
15. Swallow Everything (skit)
16. Miss Everything ft. Kira – (Producedby J Waxx Garfield)
17. No Happy Ending (Produced by HotDay)
18. Dirty NY ft. Fat Joe “(Produced by J Waxx Garfield)



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