Various Artists — Boom Bap For Neanderthals (2002) Flac + 320kbps

1. Fossils — DJ Kno
Produced by DJ Kno
2. Steppin’ In — Xtracts Of Slang
Produced by Freshchest Prose
Scratches by DJ Tommee
3. How U Doin’? — Pack FM & Tonedeff
Produced by Tonedeff
4. Definition — Definition
Produced by Definition
5. Over The Cuckoo’s Nest — Single Minded Pros (feat. Louis Logic)
Produced by DJ Rude 1
6. Show And Prove — Kenneth Masters
Produced by Omnipotent
7. Hold Up — Napsndreds
Produced by Offical
8. The B Boy Song — J.A.Q.
Produced by Freshchest Prose
9. Sunwheel — Genelec And Memphis Reigns
Produced by Genelec
Scratches by DJ King 1
10. Greener Grass — iCON The Mic King
Produced by Zeeby Zeeb
11. Listen — Yaggfu Front (feat. Esau The Anti Emcee)
Produced by Phatboy
12. Red Night — Rec Center
Produced by DJ Emmaculate
13. Law And Order — Uncle T (feat. Alaska & Digs Darklighter)
Produced by RJD2
14. Get Foolish — The Understudies
Produced by Frequency
15. Karma — Cunninlynguists
Produced by DJ Kno
16. Tippin’ Dominoes — Vast Aire
Produced by Hipsta
17. Club Bamboo — Mac Lethal
Produced by Surgeon General
18. Final Call — Supastition
Produced by Freshchest Prose

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