B-Real – The Gunslinger Part II: Fist Full Of Dollars (2006) Flac + 320kbps

01. The Gunslinger (Intro)
02. Fist Full Of Dollars
03. Body Something (feat. Alchemist)
04. The Take Over (feat. Willie Malo & O Brown)
05. The Hustle (feat. Trace Midas)
06. Drop That Shit (feat. Willie Malo & Son Doobie)
07. Incredible
08. Listen To Me (feat. Willie Malo & Son Doobie)
09. Put On Your Vest (feat. Defari)
10. Breathe (feat. Crow)
11. L.A. Bangers
12. Teflon Killas (feat. Willie Malo)
13. The Set Up (feat. Willie Malo & O Brown)
14. Lay U Flat (feat. Proof)
15. U Can’t Win (feat. Outthere)
16. Phoenix
17. Flash Kharma (feat. Everlast)
18. Family Ties (remix) (feat. Willie Malo, Son Doobie, Sen Dog, Slick Jack & Everlast)
19. Saturday Night (remix)