Black Rob – Life Story (2000) Flac + 320kbps

01. Mrs. Barry (Intro)
02. Life Story (Ft. Cheryl Pepsi)
03. Whoa!
04. Drive By (Interlude)
05. Lookin’ At Us (Ft. Cee-Lo)
06. Down The Line Joint (Ft. Puff Daddy)
07. Espacio (Ft. Lil’ Kim & G-Dep)
08. You Don’t Know Me (Ft. Joe)
09. Can I Live (Ft. LOX)
10. Championship (Interlude)
11. PD World Tour(Ft. Puff Daddy)
12. Muscle Game (Ft. Mark Curry)
13. Cop Skit (Interlude)
14. B.R. (Ft. G-Dep)
15. Thug Story
16. Jasmine (Ft. Carl Thomas)
17. Mad Rapper (Interlude)
18. I Love You Baby (Ft. Puff Daddy)
19. Spanish Fly (Ft. Jennifer Lopez)
20. Rise Up (Interlude)
21. I Dare You (Ft. Joe Hooker)


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