Killarmy – Full Metal Jackets (2020) 320kbps

01. The Virus
02. Combat Neurosis (Feat. ElCamino)
03. Cinema Sinister (Feat. Willie Da Kid & William Cooper)
04. Mediterranean Flow (Feat. Rev Burk & Cappadonna)
05. Rusty Dangs (Feat. Planet Asia & Ras Kass)
06. Just Like Prison (Feat. Stic.Man)
07. Star Wars (Feat. Timbo King & Masta Ace)
08. The Shootout PT.II (Feat. La The Darkman)
09. Wake Up Pt. II (Feat. ILL Bill, Killah Priest & 60 Second Assassin)
10. Musical Terrorist
11. Living Legends (Feat. Prodigal Sunn)

9th Prince – Revenge of the 9th Prince (2010) Flac + 320kbps

01. Lyrical Disaster (feat. Islord)
02. Raised Cain
03. Double 09 (feat. Beretta 9 & Boy Jones)
04. I Will Rise (feat. RZA & Thea Van Seijan)
05. Interlude
06. Young Godz Part II (feat. Shyheim)
07. Interlude II
08. Dear R&B
09. Cyanide Poetry (feat. Killah Priest)
10. Revolution Music (feat. Planet Asia)
11. Love/Hate
12. Grandfather Flow
13. Snatching Pocketbooks
14. Sour Diesel (feat. Shyheim & William Cooper)
15. Heist Of The Recession (feat. Islord)
16. Just In Case
17. Target Practice



9th Prince – Prince Of New York (2008) 320kbps

1.1: 9th Prince – Intro (Arranged by Monster) (0:20)
1.2: 9th Prince – The Writer (Produced by Gooch) (3:39)
1.3: 9th Prince – Sniper Challengers Feat. Islord (Produced by Monster) (2:41)
1.4: 9th Prince – Ain’t Promised Tomorrow Feat. Tommy Whispers (Produced by Gooch) (4:1)
1.5: 9th Prince – Vandalism Feat. Tekitha (Produced by Freedom Productions) (4:23)
1.6: 9th Prince – Banned From The Radio (Produced by Monster) (4:22)
1.7: 9th Prince – Never Front Feat. Kinetic (Produced by Freedom Productions) (3:54)
1.8: 9th Prince – Prince Of New York (Produced by Monster) (3:21)
1.9: 9th Prince – Street Pharmacists Feat. Paradox, Tommy Whispers & Trife Da God (Produced by Gooch) (3:50)
1.10: 9th Prince – Fan Voicemail (Arranged by Monster) (0:38)
1.11: 9th Prince – Bottomline (Produced by William Cooper Booth) (3:8)
1.12: 9th Prince – Tell A Friend (Produced by Gooch) (4:54)

9th Prince – Grandaddy Flow (2003) Flac + 320kbps

01: Intro
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by 9th Prince]

02: Camouflage Children
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *Rebel Danja]

03: Foolish Ways
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *Rebel Danja]

04: Generation Next
[Killarmy, Ruthless Bastard, and T.M.F.]
[Performed by 9th Prince, Islord, Infra-Red, No Smiles, and Trife]
[Produced by 4th Disciple]

05: Burn Bridges
[Performed by 9th Prince, and The RZA]
[Produced by 4th Disciple]

06: Granddaddy Flow
[Performed by 9th Prince, and Rubberbands]
[Produced by Storm]

07: Skit

08: Kill Or Be Killed
[Performed by 9th Prince, and P.R. Terrorist]
[Produced by *Freedom]

09: Cold Wind
[9th Prince, and T.M.F.]
[Performed by 9th Prince, No Smiles and Kryme Life]
[Produced by *Cheese]

10: 100 Degrees
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *Falling Down]

11: Slang Killaz
[Performed by 9th Prince, and Killarmy]
[Produced by True Master]

12: Honeycomb
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by Storm]

13: Tribute to the 5th Brother
[Performed by 9th Prince, and The RZA]
[Produced by The RZA]

14: Originators
[Performed by 9th Prince]
[Produced by *Falling Down]