A.D.O.R. — Shock Frequency [1998] Flac + 320kbps

01. The Penetration (prod. by Pete Rock)
02. The Rush (prod. by Diamond D)
03. Shock To Bliss (prod. by Big Cuzzin)
04. The Kid Is Crazy (prod. by Diamond D)
05. Freestyle Fanatic
06. Shock Frequency feat. Melisssa Bouyer (prod. by Willie Guns)
07. Bio Rhythm (prod. by A.D.O.R.)
08. Let It All Hang Out (prod. by Pete Rock)
09. Ruthless Confrontation feat. K Terrorbull & Red Devil (prod. by Sha-Eaze)
10. Enter The Center (prod. by Pete Rock)
11. Ill Thoughts (prod. by A.D.O.R.)
12. MC Chronicles (prod. by Brook-Dawg)
13. Only For The Trouble (prod. by Sha-Eaze)
14. The Words
15. From The Concrete (prod. by DNA Productions)
16. Enter The Center (Bonbonzee) (prod. by Willie Guns)

A.D.O.R. – The Concrete (25th Anniversary Edition) (1994) (Reissue 2020) Flac + 320kbps

1. Penetration (Interlude)
2. One For The Trouble
3. Life Flow
4. Ill At Will
5. Day 2 Day
6. Off The Top (Interlude)
7. Let It All Hang Out
8. The Voice (Interlude)
9. Keep It Real Featuring – Diamond D, K-Terrible
10. From The Concrete
11. The Kid Is Crazy
12. Here Comes Da Wreck
13. Heart And Soul
14. Day 2 Day (Diamond D’s Mecca Mix)
15. The Last Word (Interlude)
16. One For The Trouble (Sha-Eaze Remix)
17. Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Mix)
18. See The Light
19. The Rush
20. Shock To Bliss
21. Enter The Center
22. Enter The Center (BaBanzi Mix)
23. Enter The Center (DJ Club Mecca Mix)

A.D.O.R. – Signature Of The Ill (2005) V2

01. The Blast Off
02. No Tyme to Heal
03. Independence Day
04. See the Light
05. Drugz
06. The Realness
07. Step Up
08. Signature of the Ill
09. Day 2 Day
10. Little Ones
11. A. D. O. R. Classic Bangerz mix
12. Independence Day (Mecca remix)


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