Barsha – Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics (1990) Flac + 320kbps

01. Who’s The Master?
02. Knockin’ Hiney
03. International Affair
04. Brooklyn, Brooklyn
05. Fundamentally Funky
06. Seminar 90
07. Pick Up The Pieces
08. Raw Type SHIT
09. B.A.R.
10. Quick One
11. Ms. Rivers
12. Pimp Of The Year

For those who aren’t familiar with this hidden gem of an album, you surely are missing out. Barsha’s skillful use of metaphors and his amazing rhyming ability make this album flow smoother than silk. Barsha said himself: “I’m steady like Steven, my rhymes are live and breathing.” The King of Chill, his DJ, has “incredible DJ skill on the wheels”, as “Bar” puts it. Former and latter, Bar is spot-on.Tempo and rhyme-wise, this album is a textbook (albeit overlooked) symbol of rap from 1990: fast-paced, and catchy. The metronome was working overtime in Barsha’s studio, because this album comes at you in a blaze! Lyrically, there are no surprises, either. “Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics” contains exactly that, although by today’s standards, he might not have even gotten the “sticker”. Many songs tell intricate stories that do well to retain the listener’s interest. His storytelling capability is masterful, and very intriguing, reminiscent of Slick Rick. Though the album is a bit top-heavy (tracks 1-6 tend to stand out versus the rest of the record), it’s still a masterpiece to behold.