Brothaz Bent – Up from the Desert (2007) Flac + 320kbps

1. Up From The Desert
2. Polluted Skyline
3. Daria
4. Knocturne
5. Feast Of The Fortress
6. New World Approaching
7. God Is At War
8. Life Of A Fool
10. Hawgfrog
11. Catching Nods
12. Hollywoodland
13. Evagreen
14. Bring The Whole Family
15. Venstas
16. House On Top Of The World
17. Grainy Nights
18. Expect Thorns
19. Nuff Jewels
20. Rock vs. Water (part 2)
21. Mirrors (Venice & Bentley)
22. Scorn To Be Blue
23. Temple Of The Livivng Swing

definitely, if not the best then one of the best albums, nowadays, definitely recommend !! you can listen here –


Brothaz Bent ‎– The Unreleased Centinela EP (2015) Flac + 320kbps

A1 Machine Ron Kelly
Featuring – Cadalack Ron
A2 Got Getters
Featuring – Rekon, Woozy Medwick
A3 Bravo
Featuring – Cadalack Ron, Don Chalant, SP Noza
A4 Silly Hoods Part 1
Featuring – SP Noza, Woozy Medwick
B1 Wicker Mansion
Featuring – Cadalack Ron
B2 Bag Lady Deluxe
Featuring – Cadalack Ron, Mister Melo*, Rekon, SP Noza, Woozy Medwick
B3 Los Lefside
Featuring – Cadalack Ron, SP Noza, Woozy Medwick
B4 Lumberjacks
Featuring – Cadalack Ron, Lost Occupant, Woozy Medwick
B5 Hi Lows
Featuring – Cadalack Ron, Lost Occupant, Woozy Medwick