Buddha Monk – The Dark Knight (2013) V0

Produced by Buddha Monk, 3Fifths, Alan (of Green Kingdom), CNO Evil, Crazy 88s, Crise, French Connection, G-Clef Da Mad Komposa, Kap, Menace OBEZ, Preach, Shoe Beats, Skitzo Flow, Sorcer, Yanti, Yazzin.
1. All Out War ft. Bobbie Khan
2. Secrets
3. Dark Night in the City ft. K Blunt; Drunken Dragon; Layza Life
4. It’s a BK Beat Up ft. Menace OBEZ; Six Sense
5. Pop This Year ft. Crise; Frukwan
6. Smash the Dark Knight ft. Judah Priest; Darkim Be Allah; Sadat X
7. Cat’s Don’t Want it with Us ft. Black Jesus; Dust Storm
8. We Back ft. Da Manchuz
9. U Don’t Want to See Me
10. We Ain’t Fukin Witcha
11. We Don’t Like Them ft. Black Venom; Mustafa; Adyl
12. Change Now Comin
13. Get with This ft. Bobbie Khan
14. We dem Brooklyn Dudes ft. 12 O’Clock; Popa Chief; Murdoc
15. I’m a do Fine by Me
16. We Roll in Brooklyn Remix
17. The Caper
18. Young Rich and Paid
19. Art of War part 2
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