Channel Live – Secret Science Rap (2006) Flac + 320kbps

Stylistically, Channel Live has come a long way from the days when they sparked “Mad Izm” with KRS-One and produced of the most inspired extended-metaphor singles ever with 1995’s “Sex For the Sport.” On their third album, SECRET SCIENCE RAP, the New Jersey duo joins the ranks of hip-hop acts following Dead Prez’s lead by taking on a more aggressive rhyme style and sporting a more politically conscious stance, as they take aim at President Bush and the Iraq war on most of the album’s vocal cuts. (Six of the 13 tracks are instrumentals). The album was overseen by biz legends Howie McDuffie and Ill Bill for that duo’s joint venture, Draft Records.


1. Buck ‘Em
2. Still Building
3. Mr. President
4. Home
5. Middle Finger
6. Amerikka
7. My Bloody Carpet (Skit)
8. Let Me Flow instrumental
9. I’m Just Tryin’ To Dance instrumental
10. The Craft instrumental
11. I’m Just Bouncin instrumental
12. Here We Come instrumental
13. Forty-Fours instrumental

Channel Live – Armaghetto (2000) Flac + 320kbps

Since dropping the classic single “Mad Izm” in 1994, Channel Live hasn’t been overly active. Linking up with Flavor Unit Records in 2000, they’ve put together a lackluster effort in Armaghetto. With uninspiring production, flawed delivery, and lyrics consisting mainly of gangster plots and street drama, the group fails to convince. A guest appearance by Method Man on “Ghetto BI” has a triumphant sound to it and is about the only track worth checking out.


01. Channel Live – Respect This
02. Channel Live – Wild Out 2K
03. Channel Live – The Nerve
04. Channel Live – Turn It Up (feat. Black Opz)
05. Channel Live – Lies & Rumors (feat. Carl Thomas)
06. Channel Live – Temptation (feat. Black Rob)
07. Channel Live – Fucking A Thug
08. Channel Live – Put It On A Nigga (feat. Ms. Toi)
09. Channel Live – Wild Horse (feat. Carl Thomas)
10. Channel Live – Say What (feat. Benny Boom and Akbar)
11. Channel Live – Ghetto B.I. (feat. Method Man, Rowdy Rahz and Malik Yusef)
12. Channel Live – Armaghetto
13. Channel Live – F.C.C. Alert (feat. Benny Boom)
14. Channel Live – The God U Now (G.U.N)

Channel Live – Station Identification [1995] Flac + 320kbps

1 Station Identification 4:39
2 Channel 1 0:34
3 Lock It Up 3:31
4 Channel 2 0:24
5 What! (Cause And Effect) 2:57
6 Mad Izm 4:15
7 Reprogram 3:50
8 Channel 3 0:51
9 Sex For The Sport 5:02
10 Channel 4 0:37
11 Down Goes The Devil 3:32
12 Build & Destroy 2:20
13 Alpha & Omega 4:47
14 Homicide Ride 4:38
15 Who U Represent 3:59