Craig G – Ramblings of an Angry Old Man (2012) Flac + 320kbps

01.Intro (Produced By Dremost)
02.Back At Em (Produced by Dj Nastee)
03.Thats Good For You (produced by Marco polo)
04.Classic Personafied (produced by Callie Ban)
05.Effortless ft Chaundon & Big Pooh) (produced by Jake One)
06.Rabbit Season (produced by Kold Shoulder)
07.Interstate Travelin Ft Mr Cheeks & Devin The Dude (Produced By Whuteva)
08.I’m Just Saying (Produced by Dremost)
09.Rare Day (Produced by flub tinsdale)
10.Heaven & Hell ft Styles P (produced By Dj Nastee)
11.Commercial Break Ft Mr Who (Produced By Soul Theory)
12.Call That Hip Hop? (produced by K salaam & Beatnik)
13.It’s Real ft Mr Cheeks & Sadat X (produced by Dj Nastee)
14.Oh Oh Oh It’s (Produced by Dremost)
15.Power Of Rhyme (produced by Marco Polo)
16.Originality (produced by James LMNO)
17.Money Don’t Matter (produced by Dremost)
18.Get It In The Streets (produced by Da Beatminerz)

Big thanks to Janka-Man for this CDRip!!!


Craig G & Marley Marl – Operation Take Back Hip Hop (2008) Flac + 320kbps

01. Intro 00:15
02. Reintroduction 03:41
03. Quality Work 03:59
(Feat Will Pack & Rakaa Of Dilated Peoples)
04. Made The Change 04:16
05. Deep Down 04:17
06. We Gets It In (Feat Talib Kweli) 03:33
07. Just What I Need 03:04
08. All Seasons 04:24
09. War Going On (Feat Cormega) 04:13
10. Skates 03:49
11. Stay In Ya Lane (Feat Sadat X) 04:07
12. Open Ya Eyes 04:20
13. Regrets 04:19
14. Not A Word 03:11
15. Rock Dis (Feat KRS-One) 02:46
16. Don’t Make Me Laugh 03:39
17. The Day The Music Died/how About The Mic 07:02

Craig G – This Is Now (2003) Flac + 320kbps

1. Dont Care Who We Bang
2. Wrong Chick
3. Ready Set Begin
4. Place Ya Bets
5. Now Thats Whats Up Feat Mr. Cheeks
6. Words from Warbucks
7. Stomped
8. Lets Get Up
9. Damn this Day
10. Frostbit Feat Will Pack
11. Love is Love Feat Large Professor
12. Dribble or Shoot Feat Afu-Ra
13. Do it Over Again
14. Make You Say Yes Feat Krumb Snatcha
15. Executioner Song
16. Say What Ya Want
17. Freestyle Bonus

Craig G – Now, That’s More Like It [1991] Flac + 320kbps

01 Intro
02 What You’re Used To
03 Girl Fever
04 Take the Bait
05 Somem To Swing To
06 I Want To Be In Luv
07 Give It To Me
08 Intro II
09 Ripped To Streads
10 Ummm!!!!
11 Smoothing Out The Rough Spots
12 Feel Ya Way
13 No Favors
14 Word Association
15 U-R-Not The 1
16 Swiftness
17 Live Off The Top
18 Going For The Throat

Craig G – The Kingpin (1989) Flac + 320kbps

01. Love Thang
02. Dopest Duo
03. Rock The House
04. First Day Of School
05. Shootin’ The Gift
06. Slammin’
07. Turn This House Into A Home
08. The Kingpin
09. The Final Chapter
10. Why’d You Have To Go?
11. Smooth
12. The Blues