Daddy-O – You Can Be A Daddy, But Never Daddy-O [1993] Flac + 320kbps

Glenn Bolton, better known by his stage name Daddy-O, is an American hip hop record producer and rapper. He began his career as a member of the pioneer hip-hop group Stetsasonic with Prince Paul. Since then, Daddy-O has become a record producer and remixer, working with acts such as Freestyle Fellowship, Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Living Colour, Big Daddy Kane, the B-52’s, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

01 ‐ Intro Joint
02 ‐ Swung in, Blunded, Brung It
03 ‐ Brooklyn Bounce
04 ‐ DAT vs DJ
05 ‐ Kid Capri
06 ‐ Come For Mine
07 ‐ Flowin in File
08 ‐ How to beat a Bootleg
09 ‐ Ihatefonies ﴾The Truck Drivers Song﴿
10 ‐ you can be a daddy, but never daddy‐o
11 ‐ Fanfare
12 ‐ Buc Buc Buk
13 ‐ East Coast Funk
14 ‐ Base Knotts ﴾Sunbathing On The Board﴿
15 ‐ Nobody Move ﴾Nobody Get Hurt﴿
16 ‐ Funky Worm Outro Joint