Dark Sun Riders – Seeds Of Evolution (1996) Flac + 320kbps

Former X-clan member Brother J leads Dark Sun Riders, a hip-hop group that isn’t is militant as his former outfit. That doesn’t mean he’s abandoned politics, however – he’s just become more skillful and subtle with his lyrics. His new-found maturity is evident throughout Dark Sun Riders’ debut album, Seeds of Evolution. A raw, funky and soulful collection, the album has its weak spots, but it delivers enough deep grooves and inventive rhymes to make it a satisfying listen.

01 The Preparation (Interlude)
02 The Mouth Ritual
03 Day Of The Gathering (Interlude)
04 Dark Sun Riders
05 Arrival To Chemical Egypt (Interlude)
06 Time To Build
07 Ultra Blessings (Interlude)
08 Bro J Theme
09 Zoneweilders Groove
10 Return To The River (Interlude)
11 Soulful Ascension
12 Positive Influences (Interlude)
13 Rhythmous Flex
14 Damu Blessings (Interlude)
15 Magnificent Son
16 M.A.T.E. On Music (Interlude)
17 Feel & Move
18 Justice (Interlude)
19 The Revival
20 Only Mortals (Interlude)
21 Jewels Of Evol
22 Outro