DJ JS-1 ‎– It Is What It Isn’t (Ground Original 4) (2014) Flac + 320kbps

01. Turn the Tables (feat. OC)
02. It Is What It Isn’t (feat. Blacastan, Illa Ghee, Trez)
03. 110 Percent (feat. Breez Brewin, Homeboy Sandman, & Kyle Rapps)
04. Give a Damn (feat. Dynasty, Eternia, Sara Kana)
05. Forgotten (feat. Spit Gemz, Wes, & Nutso)
06. Pay Attention (feat. Soul Khan)
07. Interference (feat. Esoteric & Ras Kass)
08. Letchuknow (feat. Strick & Eklips)
09. Whatever It Takes (feat. Murs & Fashawn)
10. Higher Level (feat. Brother J & Professor X)
11. Diehard (feat. Erick Sermon, Rahzel & Buckshot)
12. Klick Clique (feat. Krs-One & Torae)
13. Groom Lake (feat. C Rayz Walz)
14. Show Shockin’ (feat. El da Sensei, Tame One, & Reef the Lost Cauze)
15. Infinite (feat. Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz)
16. Profreshionals (feat. Ill Bill & Slaine)
17. Love Me Not (feat. Kurious, Craig G, & Smooth B)
18. My Neighborhood (feat. Pack FM)
19. Soo Real (feat. Rasheed Chappell & Wordsworth)
20. Sample Abuser (feat. Ag, Sadat X & Neek the Exotic)
21. Stcaf (feat. Lordroc, Eternal, Melo Malo, Lifelong, Truth, & Cerebral)

DJ JS-1 – The Essential Collection (2011) Flac + 320 kbps

1 Nowadayz (feat Evidence, C-Rayz Walz, Pep Luv, & React)
2 Like This (feat Large Pro & PMD)
3 Beyond (feat O.C.)
4 Nuthin’ (feat CL Smoot, Brother Ali, Sadat X)
5 While I’m Dancin’ (feat Common)
6 Lights Out (feat Royce Da 5’9″)
7 Murder (feat Chino Xl, Sean Price, Killah Priest)
8 Reppin’ NY (feat Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz, & Freddie Foxxx)
9 Side Streetz (feat Illa Ghee, Nutso, Guilty Simpson)
10 On The Map (feat Craig G, Jak D, Blaq Poet, Trez, & Big Noyd)
11 What Am I? (feat Masta Ace)
12 Ridiculous (feat O.C. & Pharoahe Monch)
13 Last To Know (feat Tonedeff)
14 Brand New Bein’ (feat Sadat X, Lord Jamar, Grand Puba)
15 Essentials (feat Krs-one & Rahzel)
16 How We Think (feat Sick Jacken, Slaine, Sabac Red)
17 Take A Loss (feat Kool G Rap)
18 Men of Business (feat Vinnie Paz)
19 Audio Technician (feat Lifelong & Immortal Technique)
20 Science (feat Jeru Da Damaja)
21 Flying Guillotines (feat C-Rayz Walz, Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin, & React)
22 BrainBender (feat Ultramagnetic Mc’s, Canibus, Prince Po, & Rahzel)

DJ JS-1 ‎– No One Cares. Ground Original 3 (2011) Flac + 320kbps

01. Halftime Radio Intro (feat. DJ Eclipse)
02. Pre Show Warm Up (feat. Rise)
03. Boom Slap (feat. Krs-One and Rahzel)
04. Reppin Ny (feat. Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz and Freddie Foxxx)
05. Compositionz (feat. Eternia and Ras Kass)
06. Side Streets (feat. Illa Ghee, Nutso and Guilty Simpson)
07. Do My Thing (feat. C Razy Walz and A.G.)
08. Block Two Block (feat. Sadat X, Akil the Mc and Freestyle)
09. Doin this (feat. Akrobatik, Punchline and Icon the Mic King)
10. How We Think (feat. Sick Jacken, Slaine and Sabac Red)
11. Dont Look Down (feat. Torae, Bekay and Shabaam Sahdeeq)
12. Hung Over (feat. the Brown Bag Allstars)
13. Going Out (feat. Von Pea, Homeboy Sandman and Illyas)
14. Life Word (feat. O.C.)
15. No Fool (feat. Craig G)
16. Puttin Words Together (feat. Dominion)
17. Real Speakz (feat. Sav Killz, Steven King and Lifelong)
18. Murder the DJ (feat. Ill Bill, Blaq Poet and Ruste Juxx)
19. Hold Ya Breath (feat. Blacastan, Kool G Rap and Kaleber)
20. Science (feat. Jeru Da Damaja)
21. Last to Know (feat. Tonedeff)
22. No One Cares (feat. Jak D of Cold Heat)

DJ JS-1 ‎– Audio Technician (2004) Flac + 320kbps

01. Audio Technician (feat. L.I.F.E. Long & Immortal Technique)
02. Complicated ’98 (feat. DJ Slynke)
03. Bringin Back NY Rap (feat. BL-One & Jak Danielz)
04. Babylon 5 (’96) (feat. DJ Spinbad)
05. New Level (feat. React, JS-1 & Eternal)
06. Dangerous (’99) (feat. DJ Spinbad)
07. Basix (feat. Tonedeff & Pack FM)
08. ColdCutz (feat. DJ Spinbad & DJ Slynke)
09. In N Out (feat. Eternal & React)
10. Wake UP! (’00) (feat. DJ Ody-Roc)
11. The Mission (feat. Trez)
12. Make Me Laugh (feat. Rahzel)
13. Press Rewind (feat. Five Feet Perspectives)
14. DJ/Emcee (feat. Radix)
15. BX Streets (feat. Rahzel)
16. The More U Got (feat. Dub-L)
17. Rule #4080
18. Flying Guillotines (feat. C-Rayz Walz, Breez Evahflowin, Akrobatik & React)
19. Ventilation Scratchapella Outtro

DJ JS-1 – It Is What It Isn’t (Ground Original 4) (2014) 320kbps

01. Turn The Tables feat. O.C.
02. It Is What It Isn’t feat. Blacastan, Illa Ghee & Trez
03. 110 Percent feat. Breez Brewin, Homeboy Sandman & Kyle Rapps
04. Give A Damn feat. Dynasty, Eternia & Sara Kana
05. Forgotten feat. Spit Gemz, Wes & Nutso
06. Pay Attention feat. Soul Khan
07. Interference feat. Esoteric & Ras Kass
08. Letchuknow feat. Strick & Eklips
09. Whatever It Takes feat. Murs & Fashawn
10. Higher Level feat. Brother J & Professor X
11. DieHard feat. Erick Sermon, Rahzel & Buckshot
12. Klick Clique feat. KRS-One & Torae
13. Groom Lake feat. C-Rayz Walz
14. Show Shockin’ feat. El Da Sensei, Tame One & Reef The Lost Cauze
15. Infinite feat. Ruste Juxx & Sav Killz
16. Profreshionals feat. Ill Bill & Slaine
17. Love Me Not feat. Kurious, Craig G & Smooth B
18. My Neighborhood feat. Pack FM
19. Soo Real feat. Rasheed Chappell & Wordsworth
20. Sample Abuser feat. A.G., Sadat X & Neek The Exotic
21. STCAF feat. Lordroc, Eternal, Melo Malo, L.I.F.E. Long, Truth & Cerebral