Dom Pachino – The Last Armageddon: Alpha & Omega 2CD (2011) V0

CD 1: Alpha
01. Intro – Freestyle (prod. by Falling Down)
02. The Ceremony (prod. by Seven Wounds)
03. Grimey Suspects feat. Rubbabandz (prod. by Rebel Dainja)
04. Bum Rush (prod. by Falling Down)
05. Fear (prod. by Rebel Dainja)
06. Tera Iz Him (prod. by LV Price)
07. You’re Something Else (prod. by Suki)
08. Wannabeez (prod. by Rebel Dainja)
09. Vanishing (prod. by Rebel Dainja)
10. Criminal feat. Shyheim (prod. by Dom Pachino)
11. The Rules feat. Chi-Chi (prod. by Dom Pachino)
12. Trust Me (prod. by 4th Disciple)
13. Roll With The Rush feat. Trife & No Smiles (prod. by Mathematics)
14. Illusions Freestyle feat. Mateo (prod. by Aasan)
15. Bad Radio Freestyle
16. Bonus Track: I Declare War (prod. by Dom Pachino)

CD 2: Omega
01. Terrorism (prod. by Falling Down)
02. Dressed In Titanium (prod. by Scarcity)
03. No Perseverance feat. Chapelz (prod. by Bronze Nazareth)
04. M-16 feat. Chi-Chi (prod. by 5th Seal)
05. EZ Killingz feat. Killa Sin & Polite (prod. by Falling Down)
06. Fairy Talez (prod. by Nawledge)
07. Crawlin feat. Nutso (prod. by 5th Seal)
08. Auto Tune Goon (prod. by Falling Down)
09. Trench And Shotty (prod. by Falling Down)
10. Thugaboo feat. Dezert Eagle & Chapelz (prod. by Falling Down)
11. Crime (Black Belt Cypher) feat. Bugotti Bomb & Chapelz (prod. by Lord Beatjitzu)
12. Righteous Seed (prod. by Jewels Polaar)
13. S.I. Shooterz feat. Polite, Stumik & Chapelz (prod. by Falling Down)
14. Stay With Me feat. Bugsy Da God & Chapelz (prod. by Falling Down)
15. Last Of The Best (prod. by 4th Disciple)

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