Eightball – Lost (1998) [reissue 2009] Flac + 320kbps

CD1-01 Intro
CD1-02 Put Tha House On It
CD1-03 All 4 Nuthin’
CD1-04 Bounce Wit Me
CD1-05 Drama In My Life
CD1-06 My Homeboy’s Girlfriend
CD1-07 Stompin’ And Pimpin’
CD1-08 Backyard Mississippi
CD1-09 If I Die
CD1-10 The Artist Pays The Price
CD1-11 Get Money
CD1-12 Ghetto Luv
CD1-13 All On Me
CD1-14 Lost
CD2-01 360°
CD2-02 Let’s Ride
CD2-03 Time
CD2-04 Coffee Shoppe
CD2-05 Pure Uncut
CD2-06 Down And Out
CD2-07 Put Your Hands Up
CD2-08 Ball And Bun
CD2-09 I Don’t Wanna Die
CD2-10 My First Love
CD2-11 Get Bucked
CD2-12 This Is Dedicated