Fallacy ‎– Blackmarket Boy (2003) Flac + 320kbps

South London’s Daniel “Fallacy” Fahey raps as if he’s got the weight of British hip-hop on his shoulders – which he effectively has. Long a poor relation of the American scene, the UK has never produced an MC who can hold his/her own against international (ie US) competition. But if Fallacy’s debut doesn’t put this country on the map, there’s just no hope. Employing a uniquely Brit mix of ragga, R&B, garage and hip-hop, Blackmarket Boy (his own coinage for “petty criminal”) couldn’t have been made anywhere but here, yet its moreish hooks and Fallacy’s booming delivery give it border-crossing immediacy. His previous career as a West End bouncer is trawled for vignettes about nightlife denizens such as the “rickshaw boys and two-bits druggies”, which contrast wildly with rap’s usual big-upmanship. The Groundbreaker’s dancehall roughness and Big’n’Bashy’s sweet reggae also capture a London street feel, but without sacrificing an ounce of American-style slickness. Having poured all his experiences into this album, which establishes him as both a distinctive voice and a vivid street reporter, he’ll have a hard time bettering it. /The Guardian/

This is one more of dem UK Hip-hop top 50, so cop it!

1 Blackmarket Boy 3:45
2 DJ Skully DMC World Champion (Skit) 0:44
3 The Groundbreaker (Radio Edit) 3:32
4 Big ‘N Bashy Featuring – Tubby T 3:51
5 Rogue Trader 4:13
6 Rap Folly Featuring – Rodney P 3:58
7 Car Chat (Skit) 0:22
8 Square Beamer 3:53
9 Stopclock 3:31
10 Proverbs / 31:10 (Skit) 0:13
11 Ooh 4:07
12 Scrunch 4:26
13 Stripey Shoes (Skit) 0:30
14 John Wayne Swagger 3:38
15 Old & Grey 4:38
16 Monstrous Featuring – Elisabeth Troy 4:16
17 Stay Blessed 4:42
18 The Groundbreaker (Shy FX And T Power Mix) 4:32