Fliptrix – Out The Box (2014) 320kbps

01. The Storm (Remix)
02. Soundscapes (Remix) feat. Farma G
03. Smoke Rings
04. The Essence (Remix)
05. Rising
06. Duppying The Style
07. Out The Box
08. Wylin Out (Remix)
09. Nothing’s Quite As It Seems (Remix) feat. Verb T
10. Mutants
11. Walk This Way (Remix) feat. Buggsy
12. Ashes To Ashes


Fliptrix – Theory Of Rhyme (2010) Flac + 320kbps


1. Monday to Sunday (feat. Dru Skills, Rebs)
2. Graffiti Wont Die
3. You’ll Never Change
4. Get Involved (feat. Jehst)
5. My Soul
6. Just Run
7. Life We Lead (feat. Verb T)
8. Deep Set Thoughts
9. Dream CoatPlay
10. Own Zone (feat. Verb T)
11. Head Held High
12. Madness (feat. Kashmere)
13. He Who Dares
14. Find the Catch (feat. Jam Baxter, Mr Concept)
15. Turn of Phrase (feat. Dj Catch)
16. Real Music



Fliptrix – Third Eye Of The Storm (2012) V0

01. The Storm (prod. by Chemo)
02. War To Your Door (prod. by Mr Boss & Runone)
03. Frontline Terror feat. Ramson Badbonez & Jam Baxter (prod. by Dillijence & Runone)
04. Mind Travelling (prod. by 184)
05. Me Against The World (prod. by Jon Phonics)
06. See The Sun (prod. by Medison)
07. Soundscapes feat. Farma G (prod. by Extrateless)
08. Walk This Way feat. Buggsy (prod. by Chemo)
09. Third Eye Sight feat. Jehst (prod. by Naive)
10. Wylin Out (prod. by Leaf Dog)
11. It’s No Lie (prod. by Reklews)
12. Nothing’s Quite As It Seems feat. Verb-T (prod. by Runone & Drunk Masters)
13. Drifting (prod. by Kerem Fraiche)
14. The Essence (prod. by Kontigo)
15. Paradise (prod. by Naive)
16. Sun’s Down (prod. by Chemo) 


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