Foxxx-N-Mayhem – Strictly Suicide (1999) Flac + 320kbps

1. Intro…Got Em on the Run
2. 9 Ways to Make Loot
3. Mad Doe (Featuring Memphis Bleek)
4. Summertime in da Hood
5. Bad Luck
6. Strictly Suicide
7. I Can Never Die
8. Get-N-Skinzs
9. Stella
10. Straight Hustla’s (Featuring Memphis Bleek)
11. Anuthafunknpriznr
12. Made Men
13. Stressed-Out
14. I Can Never Back Down

New Jersey rappers Foxxx-N-Mayhem debuted in mid-1998 with the single “Summertime in the Hood”; the full-length Strictly Suicide followed a year later. Nothing too groundbreaking but some nice songs indeed (especially “9 Ways To Get Loot”) + a few cameos from Memphis Bleek