Freak Tha Monsta – Slanguage Arts (2017) Flac + 320kbps

01. The Art of Slang ft. DJ Akil
02. Quarter Water ft. Shylow
03. Womb to the Tomb ft. Tragedy Khadafi
04. It’s Money ft. F.E.B.
05. Awful Thoughts
06. That’s a No-No
07. False Move ft. Chris Rivers
08. Can You Dig It? ft. DJ Akil
09. Dopefiend’s Re-Up
10. They Call Me ft. Shylow
11. Black Hoodie
12. Pocket the L ft. Werd Life
13. The Lonely Road ft. Miggs Son Daddy & Sir Alexandrius
14. Love is Love ft. DJ Akil

Freak Tha Monsta & Werd Life – The Sewer-Side Kings (2012) Flac + 320kbps

01. The Hidden Revealed
02. Gods & Monsters
03. Whole Lotta Respect
04. Jackin’ Cardiacs
05. Park Benches featuring M. Wettah
06. Blind Message featuring MothaBug (of Word of Mouth)
07. Hard To Eat
08. Prepare For The Ruckus
09. The Sewer-Side featuring DJ JS-1
10. Abused
11. Walkin’ Sin featuring Miggs
12. Let’s Have A Talk
13. Sparkin’ The Revolution featuring Miggs; Narez
14. This Is Our Home (Outro) featuring DJ Kwestion (of Jedi Mind Tricks)