Funk Mobb – It Aint 4 Play (1996) Flac + 320kbps

01 I Wanna See Ya (Feat. G-Note; K-1; Mac Shawn; Pleasure)
02 Traffickin’ and Smugglin’ (Feat. Mac Shawn and G-Note)
03 I’m That Nigga (Feat. B-Legit; G-Note; Mac Shawn)
04 Let ‘Em Know (Feat. B-Legit and Mac Shawn)
05 Give It To ‘Em (Feat. Mac Shawn and G-Note)
06 Rockafello (Feat. Mac Shawn and G-Note)
07 Ain’t No Love In The Drought (Feat. G-Note; LeVitti; Mac Shawn)
08 Pimps Up, Those Down (Feat. G-Note and Mac Shawn)
09 The Zone (Feat. G-Note; Little Bruce; Mac Shawn)
10 That’s What We Do (Feat. G-Note; Mac Shawn; Smitty)
11 Y’all Know The Deal (Feat. B-Legit and Mac Shawn)
12 We Gettin’ Stronger (Feat. Double OJK; G-Note; Gangsta P; K-1; Mac Shawn; Poo-Miller; Smitty)
13 Millasville Playa (Feat. LeVitti and K-1)
14 It’s Time To Mobb (Feat. G-Note; LeVitti; Little Bruce; Mac Shawn)
15 Mr. Bubble (Feat. Mac Shawn and G-Note)