Hoodz Underground ‎– Bringin’ It Back (2006) Flac + 320kbps

There seem to be very few ‘super-groups’ in the world of Hiphop today, not least in the UK. Whether it’s just fallen out of fashion, or if Government policy on gang culture and targeting large groups of kids is finally effecting the Hiphop industry, who the fook knows. What I do know is, that the Hoodz Underground are, as they always have been, a refreshing shot in the arm to the often mundane and lifeless world of Hiphop and are indeed a ‘super-group’

“Bringin’ It Back” doesn’t so much take things back, as push things forward. From the rowdy football chant on “Who Are Ya” to the feel good “Boom 2 Da Bap”, H.U. deliver a whole heap of Sheffieldness. I can’t get enough of certain regional accents and this is certainly one that sounds dope. Patriotism aside, in the Hoodz you’ve a crew 8 men deep and all of them have nuff skill. This is what makes this album so consistent, with very little filler. Shit for a sandwich, great for an album.

The intro to this album suggests that this may be Hoodz’ last shot at making it in this ruthless industry. Whilst “Bringin’ It Back” certainly doesn’t deserve to be a flop, I’d hope that if it doesn’t do that well, the Hoodz would come back even stronger. On the basis of this album, Hoodz have once again delivered hard but still have plenty to offer. Either way, an album that comes with the line “got more spit than El Hadji Diouf” gets the UKHH.com seal of approval, standard! /2hip @ ukhh.com/

1 Intro 1:12
2 Big Us Up 4:32
3 Havoc feat. – Big Critz 3:38
4 Who Are Ya 5:42
5 Home Of Da Streets 4:06
6 Pass Da Mic 3:19
7 Boom 2 Da Bap 3:06
8 Iron & Steel feat. – Iron Bridge 4:32
9 How Do You Feel feat.– Ricochet Klashnekoff 4:36
10 Twockers 1:59
11 History 5:05
12 Where Ya From feat. – Moorish Delta 7, Out Da Ville, Shadowless 5:15
13 Da Hoodz 4:58
14 Outro 1:12