Sean Price & Illa Ghee – Metal Detectors EP (2018) Flac + 320kbps

01. On That Brownsville Sh*t (feat. Michael Rapaport) (00:20)
02. The Bryan Song (feat. Rim) (02:30)
03. Sudden Impact (02:50)
04. Fight Club (02:24)
05. Metal Detectors (02:38)
06. NEOSPORiN (04:31)
07. 2pac by the Locker (02:12)
08. Good Lobster (feat. Royal Flush) (03:12)
Props to Fenoman

Illa Ghee ‎– Social Graffiti (2014) Flac + 320kbps

01. Social Graffiti (Intro) (prod. William Giovanni)
02. Salute The General f. Lil Fame (prod. DJ Skizz)
03. Speak To ‘Em f. Sean Price (prod. Crummie Beats)
04. Murda Boyz (prod. Diallo)
05. Rum Raisin (prod. M. Stacks)
06. Get Money (prod. Vinyl Frontiers)
07. Razor Blade Vomit (prod. Amazing SB)
08. Blurred Pupil f. Rell (prod. Shawneci)
09. James Worthy (prod. George Black)
10. Bruised Ego f. JuJu (prod. Crummie Beats)
11. No Mercy f. Guilty Simpson & Switch (prod. Crummie Beats)
12. B.O.D.Y. (Bars Over Dose Yours) (prod. Crummie Beats)
13. Hold Up f. Royal Flush (prod. Grayce Musik)
14. Talking In A 3rd Person (prod. Ayatollah)
15. 90 (prod. Large Professor)
16. On The Bklyn Side f. Steele & O.C. (prod. Shawneci)
17. Open Up The Door (prod. Team Demo)
Big thanks to Fenoman for this CDRip!!!

Illa Ghee – Angeldust & Waffles EP (2012) Flac + 320kbps

1. The Angel of Death (Intro)
2. Rap Wizardry (cuts by DJ Evil Dee)
3. Name Another Rapper
4. Never Had It Easy
5. For U
6. Rep For Me
7. Takin’ Over
8. Take That Money
9. Name Another Rapper (Remix)
Props to Fenoman!!!

Illa Ghee – Bullet & A Bracelet (2007) Flac + 320kbps

01. Intro (Producer: Team Demolition)
02. Project Illa (Producer: Team Demolition)
03. Walk With A Shotgun (Feat. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)) (Producer: Team Demolition)
04. Run From Me(Producer: Beat Firm)
05. My Image(Producer: Team Demolition)
06. Interlude 1 (Producer: Illa Ghee)
07. Yeah It’s Me (What’s Up)(Producer: Team Demolition)
08. Maintenance Man (Producer: Alchemist)
09. Bullet And A Bracelet (Producer: Team Demolition)
10. Bomb Diggy (Producer: Illa Ghee)
11. Caviar (Producer: Team Demolition)
12. Beautiful Lie (Producer: Lord Digga)
13. Interlude 2 (Producer: Illa Ghee)
14. Pick His Face Up (Producer: Havoc (of Mobb Deep))
15. For The Visual (Producer: Team Demolition)
16. Illa-Ocrates (Producer: Team Demolition)
17. Lift You Up (Producer: Team Demolition)
18. Damp Ladder (Producer: Team Demolition)
19. Outro (Producer: Illa Ghee)
20. Breathe (Producer: Team Demolition)