J Rock – Streetwize (15th Anniversary Edition 2007) (1991) Flac + 320kbps

01. Let Me Introduce Myself (Co-produced by Easy Mo Bee & J Rock)
02. Under Arrest (Produced by J Rock)
03. Streetwize (Produced by J Rock)
04. Brutality (Co-produced by DJ Premier & J Rock)
05. The Pimp (Produced by DJ Premier, Scratches by DJ Premier)
06. The Shakedown (Produced by J Rock)
07. Neighborhood Drug Dealer (Produced by J Rock)
08. Don’t Sleep On Me (Produced by J Rock)
09. Root of All Evil (Produced by J Rock)
10. The Messiah (Produced by J Rock)
11. Ghetto Law (Produced by DJ Premier, Scratches by DJ Premier)
12. Around My Way (Produced by J Rock)
13. The Real One (Co-produced by DJ Premier & J Rock)
14. Another Tough Guy (Produced by J Rock, Bass by Shlomo Sonnenfeld)
15. Dead (Produced by J Rock)
16. Save the Children (Produced by J Rock)
17. Cazanova (Produced by J Rock)
18. Let’s Get It Together (Produced by J Rock)
19. Get Rek (Produced by Easy Mo Bee)
20. Neighborhood Drug Dealer Remix (Produced by DJ Premier, Scratches by DJ Premier)
21. Don’t Sleep On Me Remix (Co-produced by DJ Big Chris & Jeff Murphy)
22. Save the Children Remix (Produced by J Rock)



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