Danger Mouse and Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life [2003] Flac + 320kbps

1. Born-A-MC
2. Ghetto Pop Life Intro
3. Ghetto Pop Life
4. Omega Supreme
5. What U Sittin On? (feat. Tha Liks)
6. The Only One
7. Take Care of Business (feat. J-Zone)
8. That Brooklyn Shit
9. Yoo-Hoo!
10. Copy Cats (feat. Prince Po)
11. Don’t Do Drugs
12. Medieval (feat. The Pharcyde)
13. Bush Boys
14. Here We Go Again
15. I’m a DooMee (Love Letter)
16. Knuckle Sandwich
17. What U Sittin On (DM’s 26′ Remix)
18. The Sh!t
19. Ghetto Pop Life II


Jemini The Gifted One – Scars And Pain (Japan Edition w/ 5 Bonus Tracks) (1995) (Reissue 2012) 320kbps

1. Can’t Stop Rockin’ (Tribute)
2. Brooklyn Kids
3. Scars And Pain
4. Letcho ‘Batyflo
5. Funk Soul Sensation
6. Story Of My life
7. 50 MC’s In A Cypher
8. Funk Soul Sensation (Godfather Mix Clean) (Bonus Track)
9. Funk Soul Sensation (Return Of The Funk Soul Remix Clean) (Bonus Track)
10. Brooklyn Kids (Remix) (Bonus Track)
11. Can’t Stop Rockin’ (Tribute) (Fat Laces Mix Clean) (Bonus Track)
12. Can’t Stop Rockin’ (Tribute) (Goldfinger’s Mix Dirty) (Bonus Track)