Judah Priest – VaLLey Of Kings (2011) 320kbps

1.Hallow Be Thy Name 03:07
2.Judah Priest feat: Staten All-Stars [ ft. Stumik, Flyce Donna, Donny Cash, Iron Mic, Fes Taylor and Baker ] & Buddha Monk – We Run This 05:20
3.All These Tears 04:02
4.Judah Priest Featuring: Jus P & Yung Budd – Best Kept Secret 04:09
5.Judah priest Feat: Godz Children – If I Die 03:31
6.The Love Of Money 03:02
7.Tears Of An Angel 04:01
8.Judah Priest Featuring: Dungeon Masta & G. Ruger – Walk These Streets 03:31
9.Judah Priest Featuring: Da H.U.R.T – You Want W.A.R 03:39
10.Jah’s Children 03:44
11.Judah Priest Featuring: Fes Taylor – Love For The Game 02:40
12.Judah Priest Featuring: Lost Children Of Babylon, Brooklyn ZU FAM, Tony Tone and Rain Quite Storm – Fallen Angelz 06:13
13.I Roll On 03:09
14.Foolish Games 04:33
15.Judah Priest Featuring: Salute Da Kid of The Wisemen & G. Ruger – The Destruction 03:23
16.Judah Priest Featuring: Dainjamental aka Rebel Dainja – The Take Over 03:37
17.Judah Priest Featuring: Sadat X, Buddha Monk, Darkim Be Allah – The Movement 03:32
18.Judah priest Featuring: G Clef Da Mad Komposa & Surgeon – Wolves In Sheeps Clothing 03:13
19.Judah Priest Featuring: Chubb Rock, M-Eighty, Big City, G Fella, EmceeM – Hip Hop Resurection 04:01
20.Judah Priest Featuring: Hell Razah, Timbo King, Mr Wise, William cooper – Maccabee Rydahs 04:47