Jus-P featuring Solomon Childs – Supafriendz 2 (2017) Flac + 320kbps

01. Mason Storm
02. Running With Knives (Feat. Solomon Childs)
03. Concrete Survival (Feat. Hell Razah, Merc Versus & Anthai)
04. O.W.E. (Feat. G.S. Advance)
05. Chinese Super Ninjaz (Feat. Eff Yoo, Spit Gemz, Skanks Da Rap Martyr, G.S. Advance & Solomon Childs)
06. Dragon Sickness (Feat. Solomon Childs)
07. No Fly Zone (Feat. Shield Enforcers, KRS-One & Nova Kane)
08. Tell You What (Feat. Iron Wind)
09. Meeting Of The Minds (Feat. Dark Skinned Assassin & Crisis The Sharpshooter)
10. Cold World
11. Corner Store Revolution (Feat. Solomon Childs, Dungeon Masta & Godilla)
12. Never Tell Me (Feat. Solomon Childs)

Jus-P – Hand of Judgement 2014 320kbps

1. Prevues Of Coming Attractions: Reel 3
{Janis In Chains}(Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
2. Speak Into Existence – Feat. The Barritone Brothers, G.S. ADVANCE (Produced by Spence Boogie)
3. Show You How (Produced by Spence Boogie)
4. Holiday (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
5. F.T.S. 2 (Produced by Spence Boogie)
6. Water – Feat. Prodigal Sunn, Solomon Childs (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
7. Danger Room Sessions – feat. 5Star, G.S. ADVANCE (Produced by SC Productions)
8. Intermission
9. Cory Haim VS Corey Feldman (featuring G.S. ADVANCE) (Produced G.S. ADVANCE)
10. Greatness (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
11. The Ballad of Jesse Ventura (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
12. Someway – Feat. Skramble, 5Star, G.S. ADVANCE, Sicker Nickelz (Produced by SC Productions)
13. No Escape (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
14. Hazel Eyes of Heaven -Feat. Merc Versus, G.S. ADVANCE (Produced by Kevlaar 7)
15. More Than Words (Produced by Tre Eiht Special)
16. Electric Kool-Aid (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
17. Badman – Feat. G.S. ADVANCE, Eff Yoo (Produced by SC Productions)
18. The Cleansing (Produced by G.S. ADVANCE)
19. Gran Finale – Feat. Godilla, Glomgold (produced by SC Productions)

Jus P – Jus P And The Supafriendz (2011) 320kbps

01. Chambersquad Up feat. G.S. Advance & Watt
02. Masterpiece Theatre feat. G.S. Advance, G-Clef da Mad Komposa, Menace O.B.E.Z. & Dungeon Masta
03. Open Ya Eyes feat. G.S. Advance
04. The Way It Is
05. Introducing Chaos feat. Holocause, 60 Second Assassin, Buddha Monk, Dopestyle & Pro the Leader
06. The Villian feat. N.I.K
07. Change the World feat. Shadow Clan
08. Interlude
09. The Anthem feat. Shadow Clan
10. Fallen Down feat. Solomon Childs, Rook da Rukus, Meyhem Lauren & Dainjamental
11. Let Me At ‘Em feat. Shadow Clan
12. My Lifetime feat. Nam Nitty & G.S. Advance
13. Grungy feat. Cappadonna & G-Clef da Mad Komposa
14. Threw It Away feat. G.S. Advance & Killa Sha
15. Shine feat. Yung Budd, N.I.K., Judah Priest & D. Shanks
16. Lies
17. Fly Away feat. N.I.K
18. Under the Sun feat. G.S. Advance
19. Pain feat. G.S. Advance
20. Grow feat. G.S. Advance & Dark Skinned Assassin
21. Pop This Year feat. Yung Budd & Judah Priest