Classified Intelligence (Genocide & Junior Makhno) – Classified Intelligence (2011) 320kbps

01. Classified Intelligence – Intro
02. Classified Intelligence – Conspiracy Of Silence (Feat. Vinnie Paz)
03. Classified Intelligence – Danger
04. Classified Intelligence – Made In Bosnia
05. Classified Intelligence – Hitmen For Hire (Feat. Mareko)
06. Classified Intelligence – I’m A Balkan (Feat. Slicc & Aone)
07. Classified Intelligence – Radical Rebellion
08. Classified Intelligence – Echelon
09. Classified Intelligence – More Than Music (Feat. Tyson Tyler, GodMode & Sammy Gallows)
10. Classified Intelligence – The Iceman Chronicles
11. Classified Intelligence – Guerilla News
12. Classified Intelligence – Stargate Travellers
13. Classified Intelligence – Sheeple (Feat. Cyphanetik)
14. Classified Intelligence – The Bigger Picture
15. Classified Intelligence – World Gone Mad [Interlude]
16. Classified Intelligence – World Gone Mad (Feat. Frenkie)
17. Classified Intelligence – Zionist Agenda
18. Classified Intelligence – Fundamentalz (Feat. Flowz)
19. Classified Intelligence – The New Age (Feat. King David, Nohokai & Sick Since)
20. Classified Intelligence – Vagrants (Feat. KP) [Bonus Cut]

Mareko – White Sunday [2003] Flac + 320kbps

1. Espionage
2. Oh Shi** Ft. Psycho Les (Beatnuts)
3. Street Rap Ft. Inspectah Deck
4. Mareko (Here To Stay)
5. Why Is That?
6. White Sunday Sermon
7. Legacy
8. City Line
9. Big Dummy Ft. Celph Titled
10. Dont Need Protection Ft. Scram Jones & Roc Raida (X-Ecutioners)
11. Suburban Legend
12. Let Y’All Know Ft. J-Ro & E-Swift (Tha Liks)
13. This Is Me
14. My Lady
15. Major Flavour Ft. Sadat X & DJ Sir-Vere
16. Stop Drop And Roll Ft. Deceptikonz
17. Hook Up Ft. Dawn Raid All*Stars
18. Stop Drop & Roll Remix Ft. Scribe

after developing hip hop posse deceptikonz, independent south auckland label dawnraid has now started bringing these talented mc/writers out on their own merit, and this album is the first in that plan.
flown to new york for this project, mareko was signed to hrh records and worked with members of wu tang and the beatnuts and various ny producers, to bring this mixed aotearoa and us sound.

the vibe of the tracks varies from fairly hardcore x rated lyrics of ‘oh sh**’, the comic of ‘big dummy’ to the more sentimental ‘my lady’, with the self titled ‘mareko(here to stay)’ and ‘stop drop & roll’ singles both reaching gold status in nz.

the hooky beats and high quality production compliment the extensive vocabulary used by mareko, who seems to eat dictionaries for breakfast and supper.

references are made to various aspects of life in south auckland including samoan childrens day which is also celebrated in the title of the album ‘white sunday’.

this is definitely one to be recommended to hip hop fans everywhere, who should give this cd an opportunity to speak loudly for itself.


Genocide – The Burial Ground (2015) 320kbps

01. The Garden Path [Intro]
02. Blacklisted
03. My Life ft. Teva Valentine
04. Prisoners Of War ft. Debt Collectors & DJ CXL
05. Commercial Genocide
06. Demon In The Vapour ft. Baliztik & PHD
07. Fight Club ft. SMV
08. Stand Your Ground ft. Teva Valentine
09. Wake Up ft. Debt Collectors
10. The Jinn In The Mirror
11. Underground Koalition ft. Sullee J, Joey B & Vibe
12. Sleepwalkers
13. Questions
14. Worldwide Warfare ft. Raiza Biza & Teva Valentine
15. What You Do
16. Song For My Mother
17. For My People ft. Rimes, Aldin & Billions
18. Boom Bap ft. Tha Voyce, 9th Dan & Big O
19. Sippin ft. Devolo
20. Bosnian Dragons

Feelstyle – Break it to Pieces (2004) Flac + 320kbps

Su’ga ea!
Feels Like Forever
Outside Enclosure
Tha Medicine
Leave It At That
As Momentum Pushes
Suamalie/Ain’t Mad at You
Lea Amataga
Guided by Voices
Going Home
Enlightenment Piece
If Only She Knew
When the Dust Settles
Break it to Pieces



Scribe – The Crusader (2003) Flac + 320kbps

01 Scribe Not Many     
02 Scribe Been This Way     
03 Scribe Dreaming     
04 Scribe My Lady (P-Money Mix)       
05 Scribe Theme From The Crusader     
06 Scribe Scribe Unltd.     
07 Scribe Too Late     
08 Scribe Stronger (feat. Tyna)       
09 Scribe Stand Up          
10 Scribe Not Many [The Remix] (feat. Savage & Con Psy)     
11 Scribe So Nice (feat. Ladi 6)       
12 Scribe My Lady [KJT Acoustic Version]     
13 Scribe Stop The Music (feat. P-Money)



PNC – Rookie Card (2006) Flac + 320kbps

1. PNC – Only Child Style
2. PNC – Bomb! ft P-Money
3. PNC – Stress Relief ft Che Fu, Perceive
4. PNC – Saturday Getaway ft Awa (of Nesian Mystik)
5. PNC – Just Roll
6. PNC – Who Betta Than This
7. PNC – Dead Pioneers ft Scribe
8. PNC – Love Letter Interlude
9. PNC – What I Do
10. PNC – Miss You ft Chong Nee
11. PNC – P-N-Woah
12. PNC – Memory Lane
13. PNC – The King
14. PNC – Dizzy ft David Dallas



Deceptikonz – Elimination (2002) Flac + 320kbps

1 Introduction: Mobb Deep
2 First Course Meal
3 Swinging Blades
4 More Than Meets the Eye
5 Fallen Angels
6 Industry Shakedown (featuring U-God, Masta Killa, Fat Joe, Alchemist and Top Of Da South)
7 Elimination
8 Verbal Abuse
9 White Sunday Prelude
10 U Want Beef
11 Broken Home
12 Four Horsedmen
13 Beware



Genocide – The Sacred Doctrine (2009) 192kbps

01. Intro
02. The Report
03. Be A Man (Feat. E-Magik)
04. The Take Over (Feat. FourD & DJ Trickalome)
05. Free Palestine
06. Wild Wild West (Feat. BasicOne & DJ Trickalome)
07. The Kick Off
08. Radio Interlude
09. Mujahideen Chronicles (Feat. Abu Nurah & DJ Trickalome)
10. Hip Hop World Wide (Feat. FourD)
11. The New World Order (Feat. BasicOne & DJ Trickalome)
12. Dosta Je (Feat. Blok-B)
13. Voice Of God (Feat. DJ Trickalome)
14. Marz Interlude
15. Underground Bomb (Feat. FourD)
16. Old School (Feat. Beba Duh & DJ Trickalome)
17. Raw Deal (Feat. Ayman (Palestinian Rapperz) & Mohamed El Baz)
18. Put it Down
19. Iz Tudjine (Feat. Denno & DJ Centrix)
20. Heart Bleeds (Interlude)
21. BHF (Feat. Kadafi Army & Ness)
22. Hip Hop World Wide (Feat. FourD) (Dave Bee Remix)
23. Wake The Fuck Up! (Outro)