Quo — Quo (1994) Flac + 320kbps

Quo — Lost In The Night (Prod. JD Tru & Gregg Pagani)
Quo — Huh What? vocals Redman & Dana (Prod. Redman)
Quo — Once Again (Prod. Jason Roberts)
Quo — JustAnuff vocals Erick Sermon (Prod. Erick Sermon)
Quo — Blowin’ Up (Don’t Stop The Music) (Teddy Riley Mix)
Quo — Quo Funk vocals Nicci of Brownstone (Prod. Battlecat)
Quo — What Am I What Is He (Prod. JD Tru & Gregg Pagani)
Quo — Who Gets The Loot? vocals Carol Perry (Prod. JD Tru & Morgan Carey)
Quo — Sag (Prod. JD Tru & Bobby King)
Quo — No Games (Prod. JD Tru & Morgan Carey)

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