Ramson Badbonez – The Official Vol 2 (2010) Flac + 320kbps

Follow My Lead
I Got Dat Sting
Knock Knock
U Aint Got Shit (feat Skandal)
Upset Us
Da Slang Bang
Burning Bushes (feat Nox & Ironbraydz)
Kung Fu
Recognize (feat Brothamay)
Whiplash Bitchslap
Heavily Stoned
Let Ya Self Go
Left A Mess (feat Mab)
Da Jugganaut
I Just Dont Care (feat Remus)
I Cant Believe Its True (feat Revilo)
I Smell Pussy (Cod)
Fuck Em
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Ramson Badbonez – Tales From The Staircase Chapter 1 (2009) 320kbps

01. Who darez to compare
02. Death iz in d air
03. Da pain
04. Fashion 4 Da Young
05. Want U Back
06. Unity
07. Feel Da Vibe
08. Black Widow
09. Ladiddada
10. When I’m Strollin ‘
11. Back In Da Zone
12. Kill Sumbody
13. Trials & Tribulations
14. Ghetto Mentality

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