Shortee – The Dreamer (1999) Flac + 320kbps

American DJ, turntablist, producer, and actress based in Los Angeles, California.

Known as ”The World’s Premier Female DJ” or ”Queen of the Scratch World”, Shortee has performed around the world, alongside her husband DJ Faust, with whom she forms Faust & Shortee or Urban Assault. Together they are also the in-house DJ’s at the Playboy Mansion.


01 Instinct (Intro)
02 Shortee’s Return
03 Polygraph
04 Caverns Of Dub
05 The Gift
06 Dreamscapes
07 Sound Wars
08 Homesick (DC Streets)
09 Collective Unconscious
10 Newsflash
11 R.E.M. State
12 Magic Spindle
13 Concentrate
14 The Dreamer
15 Girl Meets Boy
16 Imagine (Outro)