Mayhem Of EMS & Soulslicers – Soul It May Seem (2020) Flac + 320kbps

1. Soul It Starts ( Intro) [ Cuts by DJ Tray]
2. Hallelujah (feat. Red Pages)
3. Mafioso Lyrical (feat. G-Dot & Born)
4. Cold World (feat. Wyld Bunch & Justin Cohen)
5. Piano
6. ParaStruggle (feat. The AbSouljah, Desco, & Monique)
7. Fam Bizness (feat. Don Streat, Baltimore S.O.N.)
8. M.A.N.Y feat. ( A.C.E., Revalation, Skanks)
9. Total Dominance (Cuts by DJ Ronfa)
10. Patriots (Red, Blue, Silver) (feat. M-Dot, Edo. G, & Big Shug)
11. World We Live In (feat. Akrobatik)
12. Tonight’s Demise (feat. Flo Kirton)

Soulslicers – Black Album (2018) Flac + 320kbps

01. Intro (feat. Franc Heat & DJ LP2)
02. We On (feat. G. Dot, Born & DJ Tray)
03. Broken Dreams (feat. Good Wthr)
04. Late Homework (feat. M-Dot & DJ 7L)
05. Pros & Cons (feat. Revalation & DJ Decepta)
06. Ms. Mary Jane (feat. Mesidge & DJ LP2)
07. Real Visions (feat. Absouljah)
08. Breadcrumbs (feat. Chad L)
09. Dream so Mean (feat. El Lay, Dre Goose, Sparkingtin & DJ Tray)
10. Money (feat. Ricky Bats)
11. Live Backwards (feat. Savage Brothers)
12. Never Going Broke (feat. Sparkingtin & D. Gotti)
13. Road Trip (feat. M-Dot & DJ Ronfa)
14. We Mcs (feat. G. Dot, Born & DJ Tray)
15. Get Finished (feat. Sparkingtin & D. Gotti)
16. The Circus (feat. Chad L.)
17. Patriots (feat. Big Shug, Edo G., Mayhem, M-Dot & DJ LP2)
18. Cypher (feat. Sparkingtin, Tank, El Lay, Scientific, For Da Block & Dre Goose)
19. Routine (feat. Unik Stylez & DJ Mirage)
20. Hungry Soul (feat. Kore)
21. Light A Candle (feat. Absouljah)
22. Poetry Vox (feat. Good Wthr)
23. Sunshine In Your Stereo (feat. Good Wthr)
24. Chances & Change (Remix) (feat. M-Dot, Skyzoo, Revalation & DJ Decepta)
25. I Sold My Soul (Remix) (feat. Planetary, M-Dot, Banish & DJ Tray)
26. The End (feat. Meta P)

Soulslicers – Boost Da Soul (2011) Flac + 320kbps

01. M.O.B.B. Intro feat. Ty Nitty
02. Soulslicers Anthem feat. Afu-Ra
03. Claim To The Top feat. Mesidge & Phaizrock
04. Press It Onto Wax feat. The Aztext
05. King Of Kings feat. Access Immortal
06. Alert The Masses feat. HalfaBrick
07. Thought Pattern feat. The AbSouljah
08. Life & Elevation feat. Medinah Starr
09. The Difference feat. M-Dot
10. Every Time feat. Banish & Aims
11. Green Nation feat. Crookz Green
12. Cautious feat. Quite Nyce
13. Revolving Doors feat. Reks
14. Stop The Game feat. Cole Minor
15. 95 North feat. Shyheim
16. PunchN’ Tha ClockN feat. Shawn Sparks
17. Truth Serum feat. June Marx
18. Let There Be Light feat. HalfaBrick


Soulslicers – Slice Of Life (2013) 320kbps

01. Intro feat. Mayhem (cuts by DJ Ker)
02. Slice Of Life feat. N.B.S. & Jaysaun
03. This Can’t Be Life feat. El Lay
04. Reach feat. Crookz Green & A-One
05. Valentine feat. Sparkingtin & Dre Goose
06. Knock Knock feat. E.M.S. (cuts by DJ LP2)
07. I’m Feelin’ Myself feat. Quite Nyce
08. Stomped Out feat. Skeezo & Kaymerda
09. Another Part Of History feat. El Lay & Sparkingtin
10. The Real Type feat. Absouljah
11. Hold It Down feat. Skeezo
12. Jetsons feat. Crookz Green & El Toro
13. Past Doubt feat. E.M.S.
14. Just Bein’ Me feat. The Aztext
15. Venom feat. Mayhem (cuts by DJ Family Tyz)
16. Ode To The Bronx feat. Tribeca
17. Where They Want To Be feat. N.B.S. & Emilio Tirado
18. WTF Happened feat. King Magnetic & GQ NP (cuts by DJ Revolution)