Task Force – Music From the Corner: Volume 3 [2003] Flac + 320kbps

Taskforce – Music From The Corner Vol. 3

” Well I had heard none of the tracks on this album, I hadn’t seen a tracklisting but I bought it anyway because I’ve always liked Taskforce. I did like MFTC2 but it wasnt one of my fav. CDs, it lacked something to me, and the first half I found did not suit my tastes much at all, i was expecting this cd to be along the same lines.
Here is what i think of each track:

1 – Intro : This is a pretty long intro, lasting 2:39, but the vocal samples at the start are alright and then the instruments (performed by farma G) are pretty nice, good idea for an intro. Chester then begins to speak over the instruments saying how TF are back etc. A lot of “MFTC” chanting going on. Not much more to say about this, it is afterall just an intro.

2 – Fire : I like the beat on this which is driven by a nice powerful bass line with chimes over the top. The drums are nice too. Farma G starts off and drops a real nice verse. Some pretty amusing adlibs going on in the background of his verse. Nice scratching for the hook. Chester drops a nice verse after the hook.

3 – Who is it? : Pretty decent beat to start off this track, again with Farma dropping first. Nice hook on this track, basically saying who taskforce are and bigging themselves up. Chester has a very good verse also on this track.

4 – Junkyard Kids : Hahaha some funny sound clips here, interviewing some little kids saying “ghettoo” and saying what they wanna be when they grow up and talking about police etc. A little skit to introduce the next track …

5 – Remus Returns : I was impressed with this kid when i heard him on MFTC2, and this time he comes with some nicer lyrics and what sounds like a more crisp flow, its a pretty decent track, he also has some got some decent punches and lines. Dont really feel the hook on this track though.

6 – Run For The Sun : The beat on this track again is dead nice, nice high pitched sounds over a nice basic drum rhythm. Excellent lyrics dropped from chester here, this guy has some very nice rhyme schemes and can phrase things really well… The hook was pretty good on this, suits the beat and is well executed. Farma then drops after the hook and has some deep stuff to say as well.

7 – Dreams On A Big Scale : Really slow, but nice sounding beat here. Not my usual type of beat, but its nice with chester saying some really nice things such as “television is the breast our mind suckles.” The chorus is alright, nothing too impressive really, but works alright for the beat. Farma comes nicely after the hook too and has some good things to say also.

8 – March Of The Beatnicks : This track builds up for a long while but when the beat drops it is real nice. Marching up-tempo type beat with no actual drums but with a nice bell dropping all the time to keep tempo. One of the nicest beats so far on the album.

9 – Buttaflys Reprise : This is an excellent beat, i love the deep sounding strings used and the drums and bass just fill out the track completely, although Im sure i recognise the break used for the beat. This is a nice hook too, really fits to the beats strings well. This is definately one of the best tracks so far on this album. Real nice work here by TF.

10 – Marijhvanabis : A little skit here, nothing really going on in it though. Just some crazy samples and music.

11 – Farewell Tidings : Quite a nice beat on this, again not really my sort of thing but it works pretty well for this track. Although it does get slightly boring and sounds like it is missing a little something. Farma drops some really bizarre lines in this track but comes off nicely. Chester also drops some crazy lines. This isnt really one of the better tracks in my opinion, just seems a bit bare.

12 – No One Knows : Real nice acoustic guitar sample on this beat and great drums on it too. This is definately one of my fav. tracks so far. Both farma and chester drop excellent verses and the beat is seriously nice. A good female vocal sample fills out the beat ever so often and it sounds really nice. I think a better hook could have been written though, its not really that suited to this beat I dont feel. Really quite a good track though, bar the hook.

13 – A World Without Love : Again another really nice beat here with an electric guitar this time. The drums on this are the best for the album so far in my opinion, really nice hard snare. Chester drops an excellent verse and this is a very well written track about a lack of love (as the title suggests). Interesting hook here and it works very well with this beat. Farma drops after the hook and has some excellent lines. This again is definately one of the better tracks on this album.

14 – The Sentence : Bit gutted after the two previous tracks with this track. I dont really like the beat much at all and the hook really doesnt appeal to me. Chester and Farma drop good verses but I really wasnt feeling this track.

15 – Yesterdays Hellhole : A nice beat with bells and a kinda synthy piano, cant really tell what it is. But this is a very chilled out beat and chester rides it very well. Great lyrics on this track again, TF definately can write some great verses.

16 – Tomorrow : Acoustic guitar again used and it is again a nicely made beat with some good drums. The only real problem with this track is that TF have used the same sample that Life used on his track “Tomorrow” off his “Everyday Life” album. The sample this time is slightly shorter though, but it just struck me as bizarre when a large UK artist has already used a sample, why use it again? I like the sample, its a great sample infact, and the rest of the track is very nice.

17 – Raining Again : Haha crazy sample at the start. This beat starts with some sort of alarm going off and then being echoed, this continues throughout the hook. I love the beat though, I think it would be better without the alarm because when it is used it kinda annoyed me. The beat is so chilled out, and chester tears the lyrics up again and drops a seriously good verse. The hook is pretty decent bar the alarm which i find irritating. Farma has some well written lyrics too.

18 – Radio Babble On : Great vocals at the start of this, really funny stuff. Not too keen on this beat to be honest, the drums dont really appeal and there doesnt seem much to this beat to me, just some sounds being stretched. The lyrics were pretty decent though.

19 – Outro : Some bizarre church sample. Was a bit strange.

OVERALL : Well this is a much more enjoyable album than its predecessor. MFTC2 was good, but this is better. The beats are much more listenable, the lyrics are excellent and Farma and Chester once again proved to me that they are one of my favourite artists in the UK and the world. I love listening to what chester has to say as he always finds a better way to say things than most people could. Farma too is going up in my ratings as i feel his lyrical content on this cd was great.


* Track 6 – Run For The Sun
* Track 9 – Buttaflys Reprise
* Track 12 – No One Knows
* Track 13 – A World Without Love
* Track 16 – Tomorrow
* Track 17 – Raining Again


1 – Intro – 2:39
2 – Fire – 2:46
3 – Who Is It – 3:38
4 – Junkyard Kids – 1:03
5 – Remus Returns – 2:17
6 – Run For The Sun – 4:24
7 – Dreams On A Big Scale – 3:51
8 – March Of The Beatnicks – 3:45
9 – Buttaflys Reprise – 3:44
10 – Marijhvanabis – 1:01
11 – Farewell Tidings – 3:59
12 – No One Knows – 4:02
13 – A World Without Love – 4:04
14 – The Sentence – 3:06
15 – Yesterdays Hellhole – 3:40
16 – Tomorrow – 3:05
17 – Raining Again – 3:50
18 – Radio Babble On – 3:51
19 – Outro – 0:21

RATING : 8/10 “

Task Force – Music From The Corner: Volume 2 [2003] Flac + 320kbps

1 Intro (Live At Art Forms)
2 S.D.R.R
Producer – Chester P
Programmed By – DJ Calculus
3 Visual Eyes
4 Letter To God
5 Jimmy’s Dad (Skit)
6 Stop Moaning
Featuring – Remus
Producer – Skilligan
7 Chop Chop
8 Zodiac Darkness
Producer – Chester P
9 Sat There
10 Junkyard (Skit)
11 Junkyard Music
12 Still Bombing
13 The Promise
14 Farmsolo
15 This Tune Aint Shit
16 Dragon Kings
Featuring – Ramson Badbones
17 So Loco
18 Nite Mares
19 Stop Smoking (Outro)

Task Force – New Mic Order (1999) Flac + 320kbps

01 One Step Ahead
02 I Wish
03 Brothers McBane
04 Writers Bench
05 Graforiginees
06 The Low Down Showdown
07 It’s On You
08 Crimewaves
09 Force The Resistance
10 One Step Ahead (Instrumental)
11 I Wish (Instrumental)
12 Brothers McBane (Instrumental)
13 Graforiginees (Instrumental)
14 The Low Down Showdown (Instrumental)
15 It’s On You (Instrumental)
16 Crimewaves (Instrumental)
17 Force The Resistance (Instrumental)