The Afros – Kickin’ Afrolistics (1990) Flac + 320kbps

The group’s name allegedly stands for “A Funky Rhythmic Organization Of Sounds”.

Courtesy of the Beastiemania website:

The idea for group came together after Hurricane and Jam Master Jay finished watching the movie “Hollywood Shuffle.” Having more or less created the concept of the Afros, JMJ saw to it that the Afros would be featured on the next Run D.M.C song. That song (and video) turned out to be “Pause” which was released as the B-side for the song “Ghostbusters Rap.”

Hurricane: “We didn’t want to come out and be just any rappers. It would be kind of hard to get attention. We decided to be the Afros, as in Afro-Americans. Afros symbolize black power. We knew the reaction would be ‘oh wow.’”

A second album from the Afros never materialized, but allegedly a follow-up to Kickin’ Afrolistics was in the works.



01. Afro Like A Mutha
02. Better Luck Next Time
03. Feel It
04. Coolin’ With The Fros
05. Hoe Cakes
06. On The Fro Farm
07. This Jams For You
08. Causin’ Destruction
09. Afros In The House
10. Why Do I Wear My Fro
11. Afros And Afrettes
12. Jump
13. Smokin’
14. Federal Offense
15. Straight From The Penial
16. Kickin’ Afrolistics