The Real Roxanne ‎– The Real Roxanne (1988) Flac + 320kbps

Following the massive success of UTFO’s “Roxanne, Roxanne” single in late 1984 and early 1985, over 100 answer records appeared, and several female emcees adopted the Roxanne alias. The Real Roxanne (born Adelaida Martinez) was perhaps the most talented of the bunch and really only had to contend with Roxanne Shanté for the title.

It took her until 1988 to release an album, by which time the Roxanne fad had run its course. Still, the self-titled release packed a wallop, thanks to producers Jam Master Jay, Howie Tee, and Full Force, plus the Real Roxanne’s own forceful, sassy personality. She attempted a comeback in 1992 with “Go Down (But Don’t Bite It)” without much success.

1 Roxanne’s On A Roll 3:49
2 Look But Don’t Touch 3:42
3 Early Early (La La) 4:35
4 Infatuated 5:11
5 Luv Scandal 4:45
6 Bang Zoom (Let’s Go-Go) 5:57
7 Don’t Even Feel It 4:17
8 Her Bad Self 4:07
9 Get Up On The Get Down 3:02
10 Oh Darlin’ (Like We Used To) 5:08
11 Respect 4:19
12 Howie’s Teed Off 5:31
13 Rap To Me 6:11