The White Shadow Of Norway – Blaze Of Glory (2016) 320kbps

01. The Anthem feat. Keith Murray, KRS-One & Snoop Dogg
02. Monumental feat. KRS-One, Bigg Limn, Raekwon & Immortal Technique
03. Respect feat. Crooked I & The Problemaddicts
04. The Paragraph Chemist feat. Rakim
05. Words That Kill feat. AZ, Dave Z & Past One
06. Lyrical Apocalypse feat. Chino XL, Mark Deez & Perseverance
07. Towering Inferno feat. Joell Ortiz & Ras Kass
08. Boom Box Bullies 2016 feat. Craig G, Evil Intentions & C-Rayz Walz
09. Major Game (R.I.P. Guru) feat. Guru
10. Extortion (The Bigger They R 2016) feat. Big Punisher, Fat Joe & Shaquille O’Neal
11. Destroyer feat. Kool G Rap, Caustic Logic & KRS-One
12. Maximum Security feat. Kool G Rap & Talib Kweli
13. Trouble Double feat. KRS-One & Kool G Rap
14. Nightmare Concert feat. M.O.P.
15. Blaze Of Glory feat. Tragedy Khadafi, Al Babblez, Throwbak & Sheek Louch
16. B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N. feat. Big Daddy Kane
17. Final Call Of The Barbarians feat. Masta Ace, Edo G, The Problemaddicts & Virtuoso
18. The Anthem (Extended) feat. Keith Murray, Mark Deez, KRS-One, Snoop Dogg & BURNTmd
19. This (White Shadow Remix) feat. Fatnice & Blaak The 9th Man
20. Norway (Instrumental)

The White Shadow of Norway — Destroyer 1,2 (2014) 320kbps

01. War of the Words (feat. KRS-One, Mark Deez & Bigg Limn)
02. It’s Time To Get Live (feat. The Beatnuts)
03. Sick Force (feat. Jiad, Capital X & Razorblade)
04. Execute Your Illusions (feat. Aak da God)
05. XXX 2014 (feat. Sadat X, Jasiri X & Capital X)
06. No Mercy (feat. Blacklung, Kapel & Vitiate)
07. TNT (feat. AZ, Bobby Brewski & Mark Deez)
08. Devils Gotta Die (feat. Channel Live)
09. Wreak Havoc (feat. Kool G Rap, War Generalz & Marcanum X)
10. Goodbye (Instrumental)
Destroyer 2
01. Destroyer (feat. Kool G Rap, Caustic Logic & KRS-One)
02. B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N. (Bed Stuy 2014) [feat. Big Daddy Kane]
03. Paragraphs of Power (feat. Darren G, Focus Confucius & Marcanum X)
04. Major Game (R.I.P. Guru) [feat. Guru]
05. Razor Tounges (feat. Absoulut Karnage, Bigg Limn & Sycksyllables)
06. The Raw (feat. Phes One of Clokworx)
07. Creatures of the Night (Play Hard) [feat. Masta Ace]
08. Words That Kill (feat. AZ, Dave Z & Past One)
09. Trust Issues feat. (Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers & Capital X)
10. Battle To Win (feat. Dr. Ill, Powder & Mark Deez)

The White Shadow Of Norway – Nightmare Concert (2013) V0

01. Nightmare Concert (feat. M.O.P. & Theweberjosh)
02. The Paragraph Chemist (feat. Rakim)
03. The Invaders (feat. War Generalz, Pariah Rebel & Masta of Ceremoniez)
04. Extortion (feat. Fat Joe)
05. Game Over (feat. Bigg Limn, Pryme Prolifik & Tre L)
06. Maximum Security (feat. Kool G Rap & Talib Kweli)
07. NY Giants (feat. Sean Price, Royal Flush & Danegurous)
08. Sacred Science (feat. Verbal Godz)
09. Superior Wordplay (feat. Absoulut Karnage & Marcanum X)
10. F*ck That (feat. Channel Live)
11. Solitude (feat. Joell Ortiz, Mark Deez, Infinito 2017 & SyckSyllables)

The White Shadow Of Norway — Savage (2011) 320kbps

01. Lyrical Apocalypse (Feat. Chino XL, Mark Deez, and Perseverance)
02. Brutes & Savages (Feat. Dr. ILL, Klive Kraven, Powder, Phes One (Clokworx), and Celph Titled)
03. The World (Feat. Sha Stimuli, Viro The Virus, and Awkword)
04. Victory Cigar (Feat. Alltruisms, Lance Ambu, Verbal Kent, and Rusty Chains) *
05. Hip Hop Will Never Die (Feat. The B-Boys)
06. Cluedo (Feat. Son Of Saturn)
07. Professional Assassins (Feat. Evil Intentions, and Rich Mahogany)
08. Operation Shutdown (Feat. Banish, and Aims)
09. Soldiers (Feat. Wordsworth, and Clepto)
10. The Blitz (Feat. Lt. Mana)
11. The Art Of Raw (Feat. Pryme Prolifik, Reakt20, SyckSyllables, and Kwote1)
12. Three The Hard Way (Feat. Ruste Juxx, Awkword, and Poison Pen)
13. Conspiracy Of Silence (Feat. Vinnie Paz, and Genocide)
14. Walking Wonderful (Feat. Infinito 2017)
15. Master Plan (Feat. The Pizdamen)
16. Death Trap (Feat. Absolute Karnage, Fatha Death, Danegurous, and YedidYah Ben Sion)
17. Final Call Of The Barbarians (Dedication 2) (Feat. Masta Ace, Virtuoso, The Problemaddicts, and Edo G)

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