Tommy Illfigga – Walk A Mile (2011) Flac + 320kbps

01. Intro
02. Game Face
03. Crack Music
04. Walk A Mile
05. The Unholy Spirit
06. Coming Down The Block Ft. Purpose
07. Course Of Action
08. Forever Ft. K21
09. Ghosts
10. Aint Gunna Leave
11. I Just Wanted To Say (Bonus Track)
12. Crack Music (Instrumental)
13. The Unholy Spirit (Instrumental)
14. Course Of Action (Instrumental)

Tommy Illfigga is a pure-blood hip hop native. Since ‘99 the wily emcee has been skulking the scene in many capacities, earning many accolades to his names (plural), together Tommy Illfigga and his alter ego Tom Thumb are taking the world by storm. Tommy’s aptitude is apparent not only through his exceptional word-harnessing abilities, but also in his proficiency as a respected producer, B-boy, graff writer and Beat Boxer. His first release The Unfiltered EP hit shelves in 2007, stirring the scene with a demonstration of his producing abilities (together with Sammsonite) and his cuttingedge wordplay. The last few years have seen Tommy share the stage with international legends such as Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash, as well as tour the world with the illustrious Tom Tom Crew performing to sell-out shows right across Europe. Walk a Mile exhibits Tommy Illfigga’s assortment of styles through upbeat party tracks like ‘I Just Wanted To Say’ produced by One Above, to gems like ‘The Unholy Spirit’ representing the gifted emcee’s ability to switch lyrical perspectives. Trails slams production credits on the title track and first single off the album Walk a Mile through an amalgam of evocative piano samples and triumphantly solid beats.