Unaffiliated and The Madsquad – Hate Me Cause You Aint Me (1999) Flac + 320kbps

01. Mark Skit
02. Protect Your Head (feat. Insane Dame & 3x Krazy)
03. Switch Hitter (feat. Biage & B.A. of 3x Krazy)
04. Stack A Million Skit
05. Stack A Million (feat.Tyme & Y.D.)
06. You Created Me (feat. 3X Krazy & Biage)
07. Hard 2 Kill
08. Personal Skit
09. Don’t Take It Personal (feat. Insane Dame, Dee Dee)
10. Strait Mainy (feat. Brother Bro‐Ski)
11. Haytion (feat. Mondi Moe, Smave, YD, Clever G)
12. Fire Up Skit
13. Fools Don’t Know
14. Hayter Skit
15. 2 Faced Haters (feat. Smave, Keith G, Twan from Milly)
16. Snitches (feat. Smave, Dirtrock, Playa Los)
17. No Luv (feat. C‐Mad, Delinquents, Dep, Julie D of S.N.O.P., Dee Dee)
18. Hayter Check Skit
19. Bloody Bodies
20. Kill All Game
21. Down and Dirty (feat. Julie D of S.N.O.P., Saafir, Dep)