Writers Block (of Visionaries) — En Route (2004) Flac + 320kbps


01. A Lovely Day At The Station
02. Sunset Limited [Prod. by Omid]
03. No More No Less [Prod. by Rhettmatic]
04. The Confession
05. Truth Serum (Feat. Key Kool) [Prod. by Key Kool ]
06. Apples And Oranges [Prod. by Mum’s The Word]
07. Road To Monte Carlo [Prod. by Key Kool]
08. Kiyomitro
09. Avenue Of Hope [Prod. by Key Kool]
10. Long Riders [Prod. by Mum’s The Word]
11. Basically [Prod. by Key Kool]
12. Cyclists (Part 1) [Prod. by Nucleus]
13. Cyclists (Part 2) [Prod. by Nucleus]
14. Situations [Prod. by Key Kool & Omid]
15. Spin The Wax [Prod. by Key Kool]
16. Poetry Explains
17. Uncle Salty Meets The Neighborhood Shaman
18. D.O.S. [Prod. by DJ ICD]
19. Via Satellite [Prod. by Key Kool]
20. Visionaries, Too (Next Stop) [Prod. by Rhettmatic]



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