D-Shot – Six Figures [1997] Flac + 320kbps

01 They Call Him D-Shot
02 Duck (Feat. B-Legit / E-40)
03 Out Tha’ Pen
04 Great Britain International…
05 I’ll Be Your Friend
06 One More Shot (Feat. Mac Shawn / Malik)
07 True Worldwide Playaz (Feat. Too $hort / Spice 1)
08 It’s Ma Thang (Feat. Bo-Rock / Kaveo)
09 Six Figures (Feat. Celly Cel)
10 Huckleberry Hotline
11 (I’ll Be Yo’) Huckleberry (Feat. E-40)
12 Is It Cool To Fuck
13 Reversal Interlude


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