Esoteric – Fly Casualties (2010) Flac + 320kbps

01. Heroic Future
02. Dactyl Rap 1138
03. Black Manta
04. Worst Things First (Alt Seq with East Coast Avengers)
05. 1989 – Rap Version
06. Dustman (feat. Random)
07. Zod 70’s Cartoon Edit & Remix
08. Vinyl’s Dead
09. Popcorn in Revere
10. Looks Like Reign
11. My Swordz (feat. Planetary)
12. Pterodactyl Sax
13. Blew my Mind in 2 Parts
14. Knifegirl (Eso’s Uber-Dramatic Remix)
15. OG Hold On
16. Real American Heroes Demoralized (feat. King Magnetic)
17. Pterolab 1st Slaughter
18. Scalper (feat. Jawn P of Top Choice Clique)
19. Deathwish
20. You Ain’t Hip
21. Waxing On Decepticon
22. Time With My Girl (OG Modern with K. Flay)
23. Watch The Pro (RL-92 Remix)
24. Makin’ Beats in the Lab (feat. Numan)
25. You Ain’t the Reel One


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