Jungle Brothers – Straight out the Jungle (1988) [2010 Special Edition] Flac + 320kbps


01. Straight Out The Jungle
02. What’s Going On
03. Black Is Black (ft. Q-Tip)
04. Jimbrowski (ft. Red Alert)
05. I’m Gonna Do You
06. I’ll House You
07. On The Run
08. Behind The Bush
09. Because I Got It Like That
10. Braggin & Boastin
11. Sounds Of The Safari
12. The Promo (ft. Q-Tip)
13. Ultimatum Ultramix
14. In Time
15. Straight Out The Jungle (Jungle Remix)
16. Sounds Of The Safari (Remix)
17. Dub Out The Jungle
18. Jimbrowski (Acapella)


01. Straight Out The Jungle (Instrumental)
02. Black Is Black (Instrumental)
03. Show Beat 1
04. Because I Got It Like That (Instrumental)
05. Braggin & Boastin (Instrumental)
06. Show Beat 2
07. Show Cuts
08. The Promo (Instrumental)
09. Jimbrowski (Instrumental)
10. Behind The Bush (Instrumental)
11. Jungle Bass (Instrumental)
12. Ultimatum Ultramix (Instrumental)
13. On The Run (Instrumental)
14. Jimmy’s Bonus Beats (Instrumental)

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