Kevlaar 7 – Who Got The Camera? (2011) 320kbps

01. Empires (Prod. By Zakat)
02. Tears (Why Me) (feat. Zagnif Nori, Shake C) (Prod. By Bronze Nazareth)
03. Coming Back As (Prod. By Colonna)
04. Black Heroin (feat. Merc Versus, A Man Called Relik, Iron Braydz) (Prod. By Central Intelligence)
05. Boulevard Article (feat. Incise On the Cuts and Scratches) (Prod. By Kevlaar 7)
06. I Have a Dream (Prod. By Woodenchainz)
07. King’s Truth (Prod. By Paragone)
08. Garden of Eden (Feat. William Cooper) (Prod. By Bp)
09. Who Got the Camera (Feat. Bronze Nazareth) (Prod. By Endemic)
10. I’m Open (Changes) (Prod. By Lastchild Muzik)
11. This World (Outro) (Prod. By Kevlaar 7)