Kool Keith – Spankmaster [2001] Flac + 320kbps

1 Concert Into
2 I Wanna Play
Vocals [Additional] – Brittany Hurd, Heather Hunter
3 I’m A Tell-U
4 Mack Trucks
5 Drugs
6 Yes Yes Y’All
Rap [Featuring] – Esham, Jacky Jasper
7 Haters
8 N.B.A.
Rap [Featuring] – Jacky Jasper
9 Jewelry Shine
Rap [Featuring] – Jacky Jasper
Vocals [Additional] – Laura Ruby, Mary Santos
10 Eldaradoe’s
11 Maxin In The Shade
12 Big Frank
13 Jealous
14 Girls Would U F*ck Tonight
15 Stoney Jackson
16 Girls In Jail
Rap [Featuring] – Jacky Jasper
17 Blackula
Rap [Featuring] – Jacky Jasper
18 Dark Vadar
19 Captain Save ‘Em
20 Spank-Master (Take Off Your Clothes)
Rap [Featuring] – Esham , Jacky Jasper

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