Tashan Dorrsett ‎– Tashan Dorrsett (2009) Flac + 320kbps

01. Intro
02. Supa Supreme
03. Above Sea Level
04. Flow Smooth
05. Glamour Life
06. La Chacha
07. Magnetic Junkadelic (Feat. Ced Gee & D. Eazy)
08. The Real Beginer
09. Tashan…
10. Booty Clap
11. We Turn (Skit)
12. Black Lagoon
13. New Shhhiiit (Feat. Champ)
14. Indian
15. Track Runner (Feat. Marc Live & Dgiz)
16. Industry
17. Zapp
18. Magnetic Junkadelic (Feat. Ced Gee & D. Eazy)
19. Supa Supreme (Larry Hutch Remix)
20. Booty Clap (Feat. Big Sche Eastwood) (Remix)
21. Flow Smooth (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)

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